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  1. I'm sat here literally crying with laughter at those Facebook comments. Absolute geniuses the lot of em. Not having it for a minute they're being genuine. 'Finally a march that means something'
  2. Didn't literally mean 10k mate, was just an example..
  3. Correct! But people throwing 10k on Pardew for example (shudder) must BELIEVE they have some sort of inside knowledge, 99 times out of 100 probably incorrect info, but potentially money making info all the same. I'm not even sure what my point is now, it's Monday morning...
  4. I guess the argument is why are people putting sums of money on a particular manager without having some sort of 'in the know' connection...
  5. It will 100% be the team that ended the game in Seville. However, like many, I would like to how Amartey does screening the back four behind Drinkwater and Ndidi in midfield. Then Gray, Mahrez and Vardy up front (obviously)
  6. Would love him back but realistically it won't happen. However, if it's true the players want him back, then I think it could be highly likely Shakey gets the gig til the end of the season, particularly if we get a result tonight.
  7. You're like a modern day braveheart.
  8. Pearson is coming back lads. Let's all have an ostrich burger and just embrace it.
  9. From Newcastle mate.. Happy to sort something if your lot are up for it? 9 spaces surely equals a reasonable priced minibus..
  10. Anyone got 3 spaces on a minibus / coach from Malaga on Tuesday? We land at 18.30 and want to avoid renting a car really..
  11. Yeah they're gunna take the u23 development team by storm next season.
  12. Did you miss the Derby game? Alright quality-wise no one was special other than Gray but he showed 10 times more fight than i've seen from Drinkwater or Mendy (although obviously he's had minimal game time) this season. In a time where we need characters and players who actually care about the club, Andy King should absolutely be considered alongside Ndidi in the midfield.
  13. Think we will win comfortably. 2-0 or 3-0. Hope a few of the 'stars' play tomorrow though so the players that actually care get the chance against Sevilla.
  14. Kante and Ndidi are going to be an unbelievable centre midfield pairing for Chelsea in a few months