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  1. 2 tickets available. DM me.
  2. Internet sales today. Telephone and counter sales tomorrow.
  3. Guy on the sheep site saying 11500 on General sale this weekend.
  4. Thats a shame. We are on easyjet Malaga flight. Is that what you are on too? We are staying in Malaga Tuesday night and going Seville on the Wednesday morning.
  5. I have a 16 seater going Luton airport on Tuesday 21st. Leaving Groby at 10.30 to arrive at Luton about midday. Returning from Luton about 23.00 on the Thursday. 6 seats are available if the timings fit in with anyone. I am prepared to consider single journeys if only one way fits in with your flights. DM if interested.
  6. Park up near the Blue Peter at Alvaston. Then you've got the Blue Peter, Roundhouse and Navigation for beers on walk to ground.
  7. You have a PM Jimmygee
  8. See me at turnstiles. I've a spare
  9. KFS.......Yout have a PM
  10. Adarsh is a good buyer. Easy to communicate with and a swift sale .
  11. 1 adult ticket available. Upper tier. Pm me if interested.
  12. Devohn You have mail.
  13. Stay up and get rid. We should have stayed up comfortably. Pearsons negative tactics for most of the season has stifled the players. He never had belief in his players. His tactics planted us adrift at the bottom. His hand was forced with being 7 behind with safety with 9 to play and look how the players have played when starting with the last 2 games with 4 at the back and ended em with 3 at the back. 5 at the back was never going to keep us up. Seems a few on here will be chitin themselves if we stay up. A fair few have already mentioned they hate the Premier League and cant wait for Huddersfield and Brighton in the Championship and also said they hate the full houses and prefer the 20 000 gates v Bolton, Blackburn etc. Maybe they will FOAD with Pearson if we stay up so proper fans with ambition can get their hands on tickets, Up or down Pearson out.
  14. How long does James Pearson have a contract for? Talk about looking after your own!
  15. Pearson out demo outside the main doors after the next home game. Lets man up.