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  1. I get the sneakiest feeling there's going to be a far larger Leicester contingent in the home/neutral seats than has been seen before. Should make it a interesting nIght!
  2. Danny Simpson Stranglehold-UK subs
  3. Big Ron was the Godfather of annoying phrases. A natural master of bullshit. By the way, he nicked easy Osy off Archie McPherson.
  4. Back in the day when the pubs used to close in the afternoon, usually between 3 & 6 o clock, there was a selected few boozers with a license to open early, hence the saying "early doors" Get in early. First used to excess by Ron Atkinson in the 1980's. He himself was no stranger to "early doors"
  5. Why aye man. I'm a canny Lesta fan y'Naa. Bottle o dog anyone? Good video though.
  6. Spot on foxile5. Another example of the bastardisation (is that a word?) of the English language for commercial purposes. Ali G esque. (That's not a word, yet)
  7. CUTE The use of a word that used to describe, for example, a new born baby or a cuddly toy has been bizarrely hi-jacked by our media pundits. In the past week alone I have heard Alli's dive over a leg for Tottenham & Vardys (slight!) over reaction to Nasri's nut both described as Cute. Also several mentions of cute passes & even a cute left foot! Can there be a more badly used word or phrase in football?
  8. Name-boots60 Specialist subject- the bleedin obvious err, Jamie, Do not contribute to or read social media. Problem over.
  9. If anyone on here is happy about contributing to Musa's extortionate wages then you need therapy. Not up to the premier league standards by a long chalk.
  10. What he said.
  11. Intelligent reply Syston.
  12. I know we all like to back our players especially when they are not doing too good. But £29 MILLION!!!!! Come on He really isn't worth anywhere near that.
  13. One half decent game for City & you're all creaming yourselves Have a word.
  14. I'm short sighted then. Slimani is hopeless.
  15. Got in quick.15:00 Heathrow BA on Monday. Back Thursday leave Madrid 15:00. £163 return each.