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  1. Atletico away, was fortunate to fly from Heathrow & avoid the bus trip from hell. Kipped over & had great night in Madrid with mates & Rosenberg fans who were playing Real the next night. Different vibe from any away game I had been to before & was hooked & apart from the Vienna trip have had to wait best part of 2 decades for the next one & we get four!! Maybe more! Home leg - Fixed.
  2. On the bus now from Malaga. Fantastic Andalusian scenery. Plenty of Leicester fans on bus but 4 got turfed off at Malaga.. Reason..... tickets were booked for 22nd MARCH!!!!! I blame the teachers!!!
  3. Having collected my thoughts since getting back from that shite part of South London on saturday, the feckwits that follow that happy club are to be expected to show their cowardice by pelting us with coins & our buses with bottles etc. Its expected, anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded. What shocked me more, however, was the total inability to control the Millwall fans by the Met Police outside the ground. Buses being pelted & London plod watching with arms folded. I Feckin despair. Crowd policing, especially in London, has deteriorated beyond belief & as has been mentioned it will only change after a fatality.
  4. Millwall at Tottenham. They're welcome to each other. Think Mr Plod might have a bit of overtime.
  5. Thats if you've not thrown up before digestation has taken place.
  6. Not often I feel the need to be happy with the council, City or County, but this actually seems to be a good deal all round.
  7. Looking forward to a bit of climate change next week. Scorchio hopefully.
  8. Lifted from facebook, slightly off topic. If you don't fancy the pub!!!!! When: 12pm Saturday 18th February. Where: Assemble outside Peckham Library, SE15 5JR. Post-march event at the Copeland Gallery, SE15 3SN The venue is wheelchair accessible. Performers tbc. Early riseres - We'll be serving a free delicious breakfast made with love by local people so that we can share a morning meal together and make some banners for the march. From 10am at Peckham Platform, 89 Peckham High St, London SE15 5RS. If you are able to volunteer on the day please meet at 10am at the Community Breakfast and email Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, Movement for Justice and South East London Sisters Uncut are organising Peckham Pride to resist the attacks by the Home Office on migrants and celebrate the strength of our communities. We will assemble at 12pm outside the Peckham library before marching through Peckham whilst hearing from and celebrating those resisting raids, detention, and deportations in the community. There will be a a post-march party in the Copeland Gallery with performers, exhibitions, and food and drink. We are looking for more performers, caterers and speakers so please get in touch if you'd like to get involved! We refuse to be divided, we refuse to let prejudices turn us against each other. Our enemies are not each other, but borders and bigots. Join us for a celebration of queer and migrant culture in an act of defiance against the increasing repression from Theresa May and her government. To perform, promote, help organise or for more information email:
  9. Here you go Wymeswold, bit out of date but......
  10. A recent report has concluded UK residents are spending more on eating out than ever before. Is this wise? No.1 Sands I'm sure there are plenty more
  11. Why is everyone so bothered about the coefficient points? Its not like it will affect us anymore!
  12. My Turn. The autobiography of Johan Cruyff. He seems to be a bit up himself but a good story. Away from the highs, experienced a kidnapping attempt on his family & a string of failed business ventures with shysters who used him for his cash. Sad loss to football & anyone who watched the small amount of football on the box in the 70s will remember how great he was.
  13. The rollercoaster ride that is supporting Leicester City is a mirror image of life in general. Good times, bad times. Highs, lows. Loyalty to your own. The difference between supporting one of the "big sides" & following a club of our size or smaller is we can savour the occasional triumph with far more honest passion than a glory supporter. In real life last season was the equivalent of a lottery win.
  14. I have a nearly new extra large cardboard box formerly the home of a brand new Smeg fridge located in a quiet position on the embankment. Very central.Tube 2 mins walk. Trafalgar square 5 mins walk. Yours for a bottle of vodka.
  15. In my experience, sports bars are largely inhabited by people who havent a clue. If you cant get to the game, get down your local, wherever that may be, where you can at least politely inform the uninformed to shut the feck up.