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  1. Everyone just wanted us to take our little fairy tale and go on back down to the championship where we belong and reminisce about it for the next 100 years. They didn't figure that our owners actually had the bottle to make unpopular decisions in the interests of the club.
  2. This guy wanted Moyes to see out his contract at Utd. He's an idiot. football is a results business always has been always will be. I don't really buy into this notion of giving managers time anyway. How much time is enough? Moyes had plenty of time he was just shite.
  3. Golovkins jab won him the fight. It's pretty much a power punch.
  4. Well said completely agree. When the manager loses the dressing room there's only one option unfortunately.
  5. Typical grandstanding from Souness. All these people so outraged by the Ranieri sacking never put forward a legitimate reason as to why it was a bad decision. You can't run a football club based on sentiment. It's never worked like that and will never work like that.
  6. Very well said. I've noticed a lot of people changing their views on the Ranieri sacking. Even Savage said on commentary that he thought the owners had been vindicated. Some people will just not let it go however. They can't stand the thought that little old Leicester are doing this and have to justify it by saying it was all down to our previous manager. A lot of it was. Not all of it. Most people have moved on. Some people obviously can't.
  7. What a brilliant performance. Last 8 of the Champions League. Jesus.
  8. This is so surreal. i honestly don't mind. They are all top teams.
  9. Yea it could definitely sell that. I don't see how Bellew handles Hayes power. First flush shot from Haye puts him down IMO.
  10. No I don't think Hearn cares about his fighters. He put Brook in with GGG knowing what was going to happen. Brooks career could have potentially been ended if that fight went on any longer. It was stupidly irresponsible from Hearn. I don't think Hearn wants Joshua fighting Haye anytime soon personally. The Joshua hype train is in full flow and he don't want a dangerous fighter like Haye ending it before Joshua's had 20 fights.
  11. Read a great point earlier saying Hearn is just basically using Bellew as cannon fodder to see what Haye has still got left. If he gets Bellew out of there in a couple he isn't letting him near Joshua.
  12. So Thurman-Garcia this weekend as well. Should be a great fight. I think Garcia will edge it. Can't wait for GGG-Jacobs as well.
  13. Haye has admitted Bellew has got under his skin. Not sure if that's good or bad news for Bellew.
  14. I think the best one I've had yet is 'I'm ashamed to be from Leicester ?. Calm down son.
  15. The narrative would be 'Leicester deny Claudio greatest achievement'