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  1. It's the same rubbish about 'Huth saving us from relegation' that I see on here a lot. The formation change, Albrighton and Schlupp as wingbacks, Cambiasso, Kasper, and Vardy were all just as important. It's a team game, a team effort. Kante was essential to our season, but so was Drinky, Fuchs, Kasper, Mahrez, and Vardy. If any of them had been taken out of the team instead of Kante, we would have had the same drop in performance for this season.
  2. Produced by Hugo White from The Maccabees
  3. Don't think that will happen. Maybe for a few months, but not long term. If Shakey doesn't get the job full time, I expect him to leave soon for a manager position somewhere. I don't think he is completely motivated by money, and keeping us up, he'll surely get offers from Championship or League 1 clubs.
  4. Tom Lawrence anyone? Unless we get a decent offer for him - unlikely though with only one year left on his contact. So keep him in the first team, maybe he'll prove himself, be offered a new contract, and decide he wants to stay.
  5. Agree. Also the "Talk" feels too thin.
  6. Nigeria didn't qualify for AFCON. Neither country has any games.
  7. And it's a home game against bottom-of-the-table, dead-and-buried Osasuna. They also play on the Saturday before the first leg, in Madrid (away to Real), while we are playing away to Everton the Sunday. I hope we just put out our 2nd/3rd team out for Everton, don't travel any of the 1st team. Now this might have been "too last minute" (though that didn't matter last season), but if the PL / FA cared about our European success, then the Everton game (April 9th) would be move up to Friday night (April 7), and our Tuesday game (April 4th) with Sunderland would be moved to Saturday/Sunday (April 22/23) (our Spurs game and their Arsenal game both postponed).
  8. And named it after himself.
  9. United and us would need to win for 4th to not get CL. Not sure if 3rd or Man U would have to do the qualifier.
  10. Easily. Top 10 across Europe.
  11. They can't be "happy maintaining top 3/4" by resting players for crucial games. They are in a top 4 race.
  12. 10 clearances today. Including his, the team had 28 total.
  13. And 11th in the Prem. Currently only 3 points behind, and with a game in hand.
  14. Good enough for a win and the 3 points. All that matters.
  15. Honestly can't see us holding onto him in the summer, unless we win the Champions League and are in it next season. Hopefully no stupid release clause. Can see him going for 40m in the current market.