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  1. Preston away would have been right up my street
  2. I saw them at Keele Uni. in late 60s, brilliant. Still have an LP of theirs, which I've kept and can still play, despite chipping a piece out of the rim 40 years ago BTW, the Middlesborough fan has undoubtedly just realised the Fuchs/Fox connection
  3. Of course! I should have realised sooner: when he plays well, it's because the opposition are garbage! (So, strictly speaking, Vardy, Mahrez et al can't really take much credit from the thrashing of Man City either) That explains also why his MOM against Everton, last season's final home game, doesn't count either. Simples! Dohh, Kingbecile!
  4. vix quotannis supersumus
  5. Not sure if you mean "squad" or "team", but anyhow: Since the end of last season which players have actually performed at a consistent level to justify being in the squad? The quality of our play this season has been abysmal for much of the time. How many of our current first-choice players need upgrading to "stronger and better quality" players?! Well, if you follow the logic through - all of them. Surely we can do better than Kasper? Surely we can do better than DD? etc etc Isn't King just being scapegoated? he's in the squad purely on the fact we have nobody else to play in midfield but the fact of the matter is that he won't be involved once players are fit. BTW last season, when all our players were fit (apart from James), King was in the squad and involved.
  6. So what I'm saying is that in a City team acclaimed as the best of the Season, Andy King was picked out by impartial commentators as the outstanding player on the day in a premiership-winning display of football. BTW we have just been drawn against this "totally useless team" yet few on here give us a chance of beating them this time round. Have they suddenly become brilliant or have we slipped to totally useless - and if we have, is that all down to the usual fall-guy?
  7. I just re-watched City and Everton, last home match, last season, played them off the park. Sky man of the match ? you guessed! Andy-only good enough for League 1- King.
  8. what do these have in common? Guardiola and Man City Wenger and Arsenal Conte and Chelsea Mourinho and Man Utd Pochinetto and Spurs Klopp and Liverpool Koeman and Everton Puel and Southampton Answer? None of them , however much they dominate the tv and news headlines, however many column inches the Press allocate them, however brilliantly they play this season, not one of them will surpass the achievement of Ranieri and LCFC in becoming Premier League Champions last season. OK, one of them might, probably will finish top of the PL... but the fact remains that effectively all of the glamour teams will FAIL this season to eclipse the Foxes' success of 15-16.
  9. Trying desperately to think of a team that ever made a success out of playing like this................. Hold on, he surely can't be suggesting that England should play like the Premier League Champions! Nah, after all he is no fan of Vardy nor Drinky nor... nor.......
  10. me too please
  11. Yep, that's my point!
  12. According to BT Sport THIS WEEK'S MAIN EVENT: yes, you guessed it Swansea v Liverpool Can't wait.
  13. mehercule! testiculos, precatule, ffs
  14. astonishing Vardy astonishing Mahrez astonishing Foxes
  15. Interestingly Leicester City have been praised for their attacking this season, but it is a Foxes defender who is the best tackler in the league. Position Team Won Tackle Appearances Mins Played Ritchie de Laet DF Leicester 21 5 410 Jordan Amavi DF Aston Villa 19 5 450 Francis Coquelin MF Arsenal 19 5 384 Patrick van Aanholt DF Sunderland 18 5 450 Simon Francis DF Bournemouth 16 5 450 Nyom DF Watford 16 5 450 Belgian Manchester United graduate Ritchie De Laet has been the best tackler in the league this season and his form has certainly been terrific this term as Leicester continue their excellent start to the season. Yep, this is the RDL I have been watching