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  1. Costa goes down like a ten dollar whore
  2. Please No Hodgson ... that is a backwards step. Craig S can do the job .. no problem
  3. The problem is that the "leaks" are unsubstantiated just like this article. Everybody now seems to have an insider opinion that they can't endorse with facts. I support LCFC & believe in them unequivocally, not these band wagon jumpers that are trying to make themselves important.
  4. The fact that he got fired wouldn't influence his opinion would it .. He's a willy puller
  5. How easy it is to jump in afterwards & point out the mistakes of others .. The guy sounds like willy puller to me !!
  6. Hard for any forward to accomplish very much when he receives little or no service from the midfield.
  7. Double No !!
  8. Liverpool will rip that defence apart & Albrighton is useless if he doesn't have a target to aim for.
  9. Musa should be gone come Summer, a failed gamble I'm afraid. Morgan is too slow to play against a speedy Liverpool.
  10. Amartey,Ndidi or Mendy needs to be given the job of marking Mane or he will rip our very slow defence apart.
  11. what a cock up
  12. Something is very wrong with this club right now !! I'm afraid the fix will have to be drastic & that means CR has to go immediately
  13. I like the look of this team, great opportunity for some fringe players to claim a starting spot.
  14. My apologies. I made the assumption that the game was sold out. My undying appreciation for your help.
  15. Anyone know a good place to buy a single ticket for this game ?