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  1. Police been shot according to early reports.
  2. Says the one who thinks a murderer is a hero. Puts you in the same class really. Utter scum.
  3. Exactly the kind of response I expected!
  4. Absolute bullshit. So, because someone doesn't agree with you, they're ignorant? If you genuinely believe that the IRA decommissioned all of their arms, you are the ignorant one. McGuinness' only legacy was to have hundreds of terrorists released from prison, some of who undoubtedly continue their paramilitary activities to this day. But hey, I'm the ignorant one. It's fine to say that a c*** like McGuinness is a hero. If you said that about Bin Laden, you'd be ostracised as a terrorist sympathiser.
  5. Norman Tebbit has summed it up perfectly today: "He claimed to be a Roman Catholic. I hope that his beliefs turn out to be true and he'll be parked in a particularly hot and unpleasant corner of hell for the rest of eternity." And to say that an IRA commander is one of your heroes, is to say the least, distasteful and bizzare.
  6. Couldn't care less about it. The shower of shit that played last summer has made sure I won't watch England for a very long time. The FA will never change either, same old shit. If people stop going to games, stop watching on TV and stop buying merchandise, the FA might actually look at doing something about the state of the national team.
  7. Cambiasso. I believe Esteban is Spanish for Steven. Close enough
  8. Why can't I find a stream??? Its like living in a third wold country. Pm would be much appreciated
  9. Get past Atletico, draw the winner of Dortmund - Monaco in the semi, then the glamour tie in Cardiff. It's on!
  10. Good shout, scored the competition's fastest hat trick, but Blackburn didn't get out of their group. Edit: David May against Porto in 97!
  11. I would guess Steve Bruce. Got a few in 93/94 Champions League.
  12. Ideally, Barça will draw Real or Bayern then one of them will be out, then the remaining 2 draw each other in the semi. If we avoid these 3, with a hell of a lot of luck and and hard work, we could be heading for Cardiff in May! This cup run is really reminding me of our league form last year. We were top in autumn and enjoying the ride, then Xmas and new year came around and people dared to dream, we couldn't, could we? We've defied the odds before and shocked the world. I'm not saying we're going to progress that far, but it's genuinely possible. This would totally eclipse last season, we'd have completed football.
  13. Me too. Still staying at my mates house, been keeping myself to myself for a couple of weeks, mainly staying in my room. Was overjoyed last night, went for a couple of pints to celebrate, my first for a while, then cooked dinner for everyone at about midnight when my mate got back from work! Amazing what football can do to you.
  14. I came on earlier to look at the match thread and see the team, but nobody had started one, so I did. Shotgun doing the match thread for the quarter final
  15. Fans need to turn up the volume. You can feel the nerves creeping in. COME ON!!!!