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  1. Hahahaha
  2. Definitely worth signing if you think he's shit!
  3. I saw him have one absolute howler I think last season and there'd been a bit of fuss made about him but I remember when he first signed for Liverpool and he was very, very good for them. His tackling and ability to pass were up there with anything I'd seen. Defenders often go about their business with minimal fuss and unless you pay real attention, it's easy to not have an opinion on them. He just stood out as being imposing and very good with the ball. It was last season there was a spell where he looked horrific which might be when he started to gain notoriety.
  4. Anyone who thinks he's crap needs to give their head a wobble. The only reason for not wanting him here would be the fact he does what the fcuk he wants, and along with Slimani and a couple of others, this could disrupt things but it's hardly mustard down there at the minute anyway.
  5. Yes
  6. I was just coming on here to take a punt on Sakho. It figures really.
  7. I'm torn. Torn because people get excited because of his name but he does have ability and I think what's quite clear at Leicester at the minute is technically we're bereft in a lot of places. We cannot play possession football, we have zero creativity and teams aren't allowing us to counter which is leading to very, very mediocre performances and results. Players like Bojan have so much class but he's also inconsistent, injury prone and his career has stalled. For the fee being reported though he's definitely going to have some interest and I suppose given how hard January is to recruit players he'd not be a bad signing.
  8. They ain't losing 5 on the spin for shit. Loss.
  9. Ipswich fan I know says Lawrence has played number 10 most of the season for them and he's gone from being a very inconsistent player to a " take a game by the scruff of the neck " player. I'm not pretending he's exceptional or technically better than some other fringe players of ours but it's evident Ranieri doesn't fancy Kapustka at the minute, lots of murmurings they thinks he's too weak and too slow. Gray I'm a huge fan of and I wish we'd build our team around him but given Claudio is moving towards a more narrow system we need comfortable players behind a striker to influence games. Musa has no ability to create, he's just a paceman who passes when he should shoot and shoots when he should pass. Drinkwater looks lost at the minute and although he's technically strong on the ball, he's not a play maker that we need to unlock deep lying defences. There's very few options right now.
  10. Also there's a lot to be said for players on form and confident. We've so few options at the minute. We'd lose nothing bringing him back and using him if we continue this horrific lack of creativity.
  11. Number 10 bruv
  12. Gray gets a chance albeit never for a sustained amount of time. We need more options though. It's clear Ranieri is moving away from two banks of 4 and we need someone centrally who can cause problems.
  13. There's so few options this month with Mahrez and Slimani away. Give me alternatives? We're devoid of any creativity.
  14. The only player we'd have available who can play number 10 with a modicum of creativity.
  15. Get him back immediately.