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  1. I think Okazaki takes that role to a different dimension though where he drops so deep he becomes a 3rd central midfielder and makes it very hard for the oppositions midfield to get through. This season, Ranieri had Okazaki playing slightly further forward and the space and intensity lost was quite dramatic. I do agree though that there are better players to play that role out there who can provide us support from attacks as well as Okazaki often seems behind play when he's playing so deep. His increased goals this season came from him playing further forward.
  2. Having read that I'm none the wiser, is Okazaki's wife and kids back in Japan or are they in England with him?
  3. If we're badly needing someone to press in the absence of Shinji should he be knackered, then Albrighton is perfect. I'd rather we bring in Gray than Slimani and then between Gray, Mahrez and Albrighton there's someone harrying and disrupting the space between Vardy and their defence. Not sure if Morgan's back? I'm more than happy with Yohan anyway. So same team as what started West Ham but with Gray in for Shinji if needs be.
  4. Some rumours starting again we're going all out for Sigurdsson in the summer, can't see us getting him mind you.
  5. I think there'll be a day when Ndidi scores a hattrick, I might start having £2 every game on it.
  6. Yes sir, absolutely phenomenal bits of kit
  7. Hahahahaaa for some reason I'm doing very well this season on golf, I'm about £900 up since October. There's not much method to the madness though, I can't pretend that. I have some very loose criteria I use each week but ultimately it's impulse, hence the sheer number of bets I've already placed on The Masters. I did this last year and barely broke even. Follow at your peril.
  8. His ex-missus claimed he's out there a few times a month when they had a public spat on twitter a few months back. He seems to go for a day or two most times he's got a day off training. Outrageous.
  9. I've done some more Masters research and one more who's coming out on top of my stats is Brooks Koepka. A few weeks ago I'd have gone nowhere near him but he was in very good form in the Match Play last week just a touch unlucky. He's 70/1 in places which is a good price.
  10. I think you'll find that the majority of vinegar on chips doesn't soak through and instead you get just a select few at the bottom that are pure vinegar. That's the holy grail.
  11. Chips with shit loads of salt, vinegar and onion vinegar. Curry sauce and ketchup on the side. Battered sausage and a fishcaje both with vinegar on. There'll be a pickled egg in the mixer an'all. Through local demand I seldom get a buttered cob to go with me chips as they've always ran out.
  12. I've got a bit of an early years Garcia loop in the top of my swing that I've never shifted and to be honest, no point trying. When my timing is right then I can absolutely rip it but there are occasions where I can also play like a 28 handicapper, which is scandalous when you're off 6. I am very accurate and reliable with irons, long irons especially but woods and rescues I'm the pits with. I've been fitted for a driver a couple of years back and it's a 14 degree R15 which for some reason just suits, I don't seem to lose any distance from the loft and I'm pretty reliable with it too. My bad shots are snap hooks mate, I take it too far on the inside and then loop it even further inside sometimes and then hit out and it's heinous.
  13. I think putting is definitely mentality rather than technical. The only thing that's ever really helped me was Bob Rotellas book Putting Out Your Mind. I read that and for a month or two I was markedly better, just stopped thinking and trusted my intuition. The reasons for me reverting to type is over time and barely playing much, I've forgotten to stop caring on the greens. As I said yesterday, I somehow can't read greens. I often think it breaks the other way to how it does break, which is embarrassing. Fair enough overcook or undercook a read but not completely miss it the other side time and time again. I often just aim straight and hope for the best. Hahaha thankfully I can only hit a few types of shot so I don't try and tinker even when I know I ought to try a different shot due to conditions, lie etc.
  14. Chelsea have got so many talented young players. Lewis Baker looks class and that lad who's gone on loan to Huddersfield. Then there's Tammy Abraham and about 30 others.
  15. Don't worry, one will be inserted in the next few months when he signs a new deal.