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  1. Short term options are only ever any good if it's both agreed it's a short term option like Hiddink at Chelsea. Getting Hodgson in until the summer is basically, get him in and if he keeps us up the owners will think he's done well and then he'll get a 3 year deal and we're no better off except for still being a PL club but with a manager most of us don't want long term. The short term options really should be from short term specialists.
  2. I'm all over this. There's more problems than just the manager. At the end of this season we need to be looking at a new DOF, a modern manager and even some new top brass who will take this club forward. We have wasted winning the league in terms of kicking on to another level globally, but we still have that recent wow factor to try and build again. Our academy is a farce right now too, we need a DOF and head coach working in unison to build this club.
  3. I am intrigued by Frank De Boer. I'd love Hiddink as he would keep us up without question but long term he won't want in on this.
  4. One of Huth and Morgan has to be dropped. Either Benalouane or Amartey gets a chance there. Fuchs I believe will regain his form as he was very good at times in the first half of the season. Simpson is distinctly average and I'd like to see Albrighton converted to an attacking right back but that then leads to all sorts of condundrums with the midfield.
  5. Ranieri's representatives contacted Leicester to make his interest known. We were very keen on O'Neill, Hiddink and after both ruled themselves out it was Neil Lennon who was interviewed. Thankfully The Don made his interest known and was then swiftly recruited.
  6. Our only hope is someone comes forward who ticks the right boxes ala Ranieri did in 2015. We have long admired Hiddink and if his advisors make it known he is interested in a short term role then that would be very welcoming.
  7. How he's not being held partly accountable for all this mess is beyond me. He's every bit as bad as the top brass in the FA. No doubt he'll be looking for a yes man.
  8. De Boer seems a genuine candidate. Interesting he's been in London today and said in the press this week he wants to manage in the PL.
  9. Horrible situation but I don't see any signs of improvement from these players under him so what do we do? The media and neutrals will rip us to pieces but fcuk em. They did the same with Pearson going.
  10. I'm very surprised by that. His non tracking of players is what bothers me. He also seems incapable of passing and not through greed like Gray but as in he actually cannot pass. I prefer him up front. I know he classes himself as a wide forward but I'd rather use him centrally or not at all. Gray, Albrighton and Mahrez are better than him and Kapustka maybe worth looking at.
  11. Don't play the twat on the wing for a start, defensively he is weaker than Mahrez which is beggars belief! He classes himself as a winger as well which is very disturbing. To me he's a striker, a crap one.
  12. I suspect the fringe players would get a run out if it's 6 or 7-0 like I think it will be.
  13. Have we ever won in it either in 14/15 or 16/17?
  14. Heavy defeat tonight and surely he is gone. Massive game all round. A big defeat and a lot of our players will never ever play on such a stage again.