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  1. Having suffered through his reign as the american international manager / director of player development, this is my brief assessment of his abilities: Klinsmann pros: Good at motivating players. Can get a team to over-achieve, particularly in cup competition format (Germany World Cup, US World Cup 2014, Copa America Cennatario Klinsmann cons: Absolutely devoid of tactical knowledge. Every match he will get out coached in the premier league. Likes to play players out of position Experiments constantly with formation Deflects blame to the players after poor results.
  2. For good reason.
  3. Which one of you did this?
  4. When I think about Claudio, I still picture him standing next to Andrea Bocelli. I still hear "Nessun Dorma." A legend like him deserves a statue, not a sacking. But this is a cruel business, and we live in a cruel world. Absolutely gutting.
  5. We need to pick a consistent starting XI and stick with it. Same lineup as the one that scored against Sevilla. Keep the momentum going, and hopefully get a result against Liverpool: Kasper Simpson Morgan Huth Fuchs Albrighton Ndidi Drinkwater Mahrez Gray Vardy
  6. Sevilla pass so we'll it's like we're chasing shadows.
  7. Here's our chance. We could really use a lucky bounce.
  8. This game could be interesting if we we're even a shadow of our former selves.
  9. I forgot he was in the starting XI.
  10. The fullbacks have been terrible. Simpson got turned around, and Fuchs was way off
  11. When was the last time he saved one of those???
  12. I think we'll show up tonight. I think the players will show effort and heart. I don't necesarily think it will be good enough for us to get a result, Sevilla might just be too good for us to handle. That said, I wouldn't be surprised if we keep it close and steal an away goal. I'll call it 2-1 Sevilla, with a Mahrez goal.
  13. We're in total freefall right now.
  14. Correct. That's because people don't live that long. However, 100 years in the timeline of humanity is very short. Making changes now to help humanity in 100 years time is called progress. It's like a doctor telling humanity that smoking will lead to cancer. Sure, maybe in 100 years humans will develop a cure for all the bad decisions our generation made. But if we have the knowledge now, why wouldn't we do something about it? 100 years from now we will all be dead, and nothing will be left of us. What will we leave behind? Will it matter that we turned a short-term profit by using cheaper fossil fuels, if we've ruined the planet in the process?
  15. What you're trying to get at is called peer review. In the case of medicine, you usually have a government entity that tests the science behind medicine. For example, we have the FDA (food and drug administration) in the states that tests the claims that medicine makes. This same process is done throughout the world in the scientific community, on almost every topic. If you were the devils advocate, and climate change was scientifically unproven, it would be very easy to re-create the experiments that were done in the thousands of papers written on the subject, and come up with the results that challenge the original claim (that the earth is getting warmer, or that human activity raises the CO2 level of the planet).