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  1. I wonder if other big clubs in Europe are still willing to shell out the money for Mahrez based on his raw talent alone, even though he has had a disappointing season (compared to last year). Also, how much influence would Slimani have on him staying or going? If Slimani is integrated into the squad, and starts to get regular minutes on the pitch, would Mahrez still leave? Even though, he probably convinced Slimani just 12 months earlier to come to Leicester. If they are truly close, my guess would be that he probably gave some assurances to Slimani that he wasn't going to just immediately leave as soon as he got there. Obviously if we move Slimani in the summer, that might make Mahrez's decision all that much easier.
  2. Anyone tried Nier: Automata yet? I just finished FFXV and I was looking for something new on the PS4 to pick up. I thought about getting FIFA or PES, but it's so late that maybe I should just wait for next year.
  3. It might be time to consider starting Slimani over Okazaki due to his form returning from international duty. Okazaki will be playing in Japan on the Tuesday before we play Stoke, after which he'll be flying 12+ hours back to Leicester.
  4. I would buy one the second they signed him. Big dick bobby wood, playing for Leicester. The flyin' Hawaiian. Such an enjoyable player to watch, but he would not fit our current system or personnel. I'd rather he continue to get playing time and be in form for the national team, rather than ride the bench for Leicester.
  5. I'm an offending party, and i'd like to defend myself "A collective noun names a group of individuals or things with a singular form. Examples of collective nouns are: faculty, herd, team. There are collective nouns for people, animals, objects, and concepts. The use of a singular or plural verb depends on the context of the sentence. If one is referring to the whole group as a single entity, then the singular verb is best: The school board has called a special session. When a group noun is used with a singular determiner (e.g., a/an, each, every, this, that), singular verbs and pronouns are normal: The team is away this weekend; they have a good chance of winning. There are other contexts where the plural verb is more natural: My family are always fighting among themselves. When the individuals in the collection or group receive the emphasis, the plural verb is acceptable. Generally, however, in American English, collective nouns take singular verbs. In British English, collective nouns are more often treated as plurals that take plural verbs." Source: So you'd be right in complaining about British people using singular verbs, in the same way that I cringe anytime Americans use British slang. Where i do have an issue is when you expect other people to change their language to satisfy your own preferences. People slated Bob Bradley for using Americanisms at Swansea. I personally think he should have just owned it, and used the word "Soccer" to drive the media crazy
  6. With the Arsenal game announced (April 26th) that makes 9 games in 30 days. It's going to be a busy April.
  7. I don't disagree with you on Okazaki's importance, but Ranieri was right when he said there needs to be a plan "B." Vardy cannot play in every minute of every game. Okazaki will give us 60-70 hard minutes, but what about the other 20-30? What if we're down and need a goal, or we can't break down the opposition's defense? I think Slimani can be that "plan B". During the great escape Vardy did very well making runs off of Ulloa. Slimani will provide us that target up front to win balls, and flick them on into Vardy's path. He's also great with his head when Mahrez and Albrighton put a cross into the box. He's got some good passing skill with his feet, and If he can improve his finishing, I think he'll be a great contribution to the squad. The best part is that he has a similar mentality to the the team. Unlike Ulloa, he's willing to run and press. He even has a little Huth-like nastiness to him. He is also one of Mahrez's countrymen (and I assume friends), and would do well to keep Mahrez committed to staying with Leicester in the summer.
  8. Vardy had 5 goals and 10 assists in 34 appearances (2270 minutes) in his first premier league season. Okazaki had 5 goals and 2 assists in 36 appearances (2069 minutes) in his first premier league season. Ulloa had 11 goals and 4 assists in 37 appearances (2.406 minutes) in his first premier league season. Slimani has 5 goals and 3 assists in 16 appearances (972 minutes) in his first premier league season. That's 194 minutes per goal. That's a better goal scoring rate in the premier league this season than: Hazard Firminho Deeney Benteke Vardy Walcott Andre Gray If he played as many minutes as Vardy, at his current rate he'd have 10 goals. That's good enough for 10th best premier league forward. I think people have seen the price tag, and wanted more, which is perfectly natural. What I don't agree with is people writing him off already.
  9. We're about to play 7 games in 23 days. Player rotation is going to be mandatory. You cannot play our high tempo - pressing style every game with the same starting XI games when you have to play every 3 days. We all saw how we looked in the second half against West Ham. You don't want that to happen against Atletico Madrid because your starting XI are wiped out from playing 3 days previously at Everton.
  10. Atletico. There's enough games left to beat all of the Spanish clubs.
  11. Albrighton bossed it. Schmeichel with a massive save. Mahrez was brilliant.
  12. Ball don't lie
  13. What unlikely heros, Marc and Wes.
  14. There's only one Captain. Where's my rum
  15. I saw this on twitter, but didn't see a match thread up: