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  1. I just hope Grewks and Pabs get it on in the ring. I'd pay to watch
  2. Should have listened to @GaelicFox and trusted my gut with Linares on points. Got seduced by the bigger odds and that's why I'm shite at gambling
  3. Would I have won my bet if he had been pulled out?
  4. Fair play to Crolla - heart of a lion. But deep down I think he knows he can't win...
  5. winnings should just about cover a carvery at the Elms in Lutterworth
  6. I could watch Linares box all day long. Classy, quick, strong, skillfull, composed. Definitely one of my favourite fighters in the game right now...
  7. Ended up going for Linares KO/TKO @ 9/4. Would love Crolla to win but if Linares knocks him out it pays for Mothers Day lunch
  8. Linares with a bit of classic ACDC - he's already one round up...
  9. was just thinking how shite this music is...
  10. In the grand scheme of things, I really can't get excited about climate change. I'm sure it's very important but it's not top of my list of things to worry about in today's world. Sorry and all that...
  11. Rose might need a new nose after that...
  12. Cheers Pabs. Crolla on points is 7/2 so pretty tempting. I'd really love to see him do it.
  13. Yeah, agree that Linares is different class. I heard Crolla interviewed this week and he pretty much admitted he'd need the perfect performance and Linares to have an off day in order for him to win. I almost sensed Crolla didn't really think he would win. I love watching Linares and really looking forward to the fight. If it's only 70% as good as the first fight it should still be a good scrap...
  14. Yeah, my gut says a similar outcome to last time mate. I'm not a big gambler but 'it means more when there's money on it' as the advert says. Lingares KO is 9/4 with my bookie. I just think Crolla may go the distance again...