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  1. Vintage Tottenham, not much has changed for them
  2. I managed to find an old laptop i used to do a bit of work on from a few years ago. I came across match replays and MOTD clips from the final stages of the Great Escape season that i used to make my first ever Leicester City video (The Relegation Fightback). I transferred them over to my current laptop and started to put together a "now & then" piece. Escaping relegation in impressive fashion, well documented during the Premier League winning season. What an achievement it seemed at the time. Since then we've won the League and landed a spot in the Champions League quarter-finals. Had you've only just woken from a coma you'd think you'd never have! Believe it or not that 4-3 loss to Tottenham that same season is one day from two years to that day! How the club, managers, squad, expectations and the clubs around us have changed. Enjoy a "blast from the past!"
  3. I just use Adobe Premier Pro! Simple stuff, nothing crazy! Started doing this sort of stuff 9-10 years ago when I was about 13. All self taught, being doing it ever since
  4. I'll get started then!
  5. For those interested, I've managed to stumble across a few match replays from the Great Escape season. About 9 of the last 10 matches of the season to be exact. If anyone's interested I could put together a video of the moments from those matches leading up to the Sunderland away game. Interested? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. The sequel could not have been any better scripted. Bring on Atletico Madrid! Enjoy this piece. Foxes never quit. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. 442oons with another classic clas
  8. The tifo was brilliant, nothing could top that i don't think. Or at least it'd be hard to. Perhaps for the next home leg we could incorporate the City of Leicester's motto (which yes i did have to search up) which i believe is written in latin "Semper Eadem"which translates to "always the same" and obviously could have some crazy good graphic tifo to go with it.
  9. I'd love to have Atletico, piss easy
  10. Did not know that, incredible
  11. Time, time, time, time and time again have we heard excuses from the likes of opposition supporters making excuses for why we'll fail or why we haven't even been tested yet. This thread is a dedication to the supporters, as well as "experts", who claim they know our Football Club inside out better than we do and why we won't have further success. This also dates back to the Great Escape season, the title winning season and currently the season where we're making the doubters look right foolish. The excuses as to why we are through to the quarter-finals of the Champions League is because we "haven't played any decent opposition". MYTH. -Porto, currently second in it's respective League, a point behind Benfica, third last season. Beat them. (Excuse the second leg we played them, dead rubber, rested players etc) -Copenhagen, last seasons Champions in the Danish League, currently first, lead by 12 points. -Club Brugge, last season Champions in the Belgian League, currently second, two points behind Anderlecht. Wiped the floor with them. -Sevilla, have won the last three Europa League finals, correct me if i'm wrong, currently third in the Spanish League, five points behind Real Madrid & Barcelona. This is a splitting image of last season in the Premier League. "You haven't played anyone good yet, you still have to play Manchester City, United, Chelsea etc etc" We keep proving them wrong. This is the perfect thread to make the doubters look right foolish. Post the best excuses you've heard in this thread, would make for good reading
  12. I feel loved! Make it happen lads
  13. He scores with his left he scores with his right whichever testicle he'll score them all night
  14. If it's not a middle finger to them i don't know what is
  15. Good news. It's a piece of s**t tournament anyway.