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  1. You notice the on sale dates all before the first leg, cynic in me thinks club is making sure everything is sold before just in case we get stuffed in Madrid. Expensive business this Champions League stuff, ticket price, another £100 for a hotel, another £40 in Diesel, but what a ride!
  2. As Kref says, hard to judge on LCFC Direct, but selling well.
  3. It won't get near general sale, morning of P3 there are 100 tickets left, plus 1 block, just looked.
  4. Hi there, I've messaged you.
  5. Have two for sale for Stoke in J2 pm me if interested.
  6. Got 2 for Stoke PM me if interested, thanks
  7. Been saying it since early in the season, nothing like a 30 mill player, looks busy but just as he is getting near making a tackle or whacked with the ball, slows ever so slightly, unforgivable! Good goalscoring record but a) We don't throw lots of balls into the box from the wings b) Played for Sporting in a league with only 3 competitive teams in it, that isn't the Premier League. Ulloa is a better player for us as the big man option this has been proved over three seasons, get rid of Slim before he gets any older!
  8. You Sir are spot on! Not a protest, but letting everyone know Roy"I don't know why I'm here" Hodgson is a no from us! I was unhappy Claudio was dispensed with but feel apart from Rowett, of our options right now, Shakespeare is the best person for the job, due to his relationship with the players.
  9. I wanted to like him, hell I even called my FIFA Ultimate Team Slimvahrez! But the moaning attitude, the bambi on ice first touch etc got me thinking, he is not even an upgrade on Ulloa, he scored a lot in Portugal yes, but he was in a team in the top 3 in the league and basically there are only 3 decent teams in the league, he slows us down a lot and I don't really feel he is for us, I would make what we can for him in the Summer.
  10. Please not Roy Hodgson, just no way! My overriding memories of him Blackburn, Liverpool, England all absolute rubbish!! He has an awful attitude as well as throwing his dummy out of the pram following Iceland " I don't know what I'm doing here" well Roy people would like to know how we can put that performance in, I would take almost anyone rather than him, I feel sick!
  11. Great mazy run from Huth, dribbling past 5 players.
  12. Same mine aren't here yet either, rang ticket office earlier, Fridays went out Monday, with Valentines Day I assume post office is busy, should be here tomorrow I'd say.
  13. Look, I have been in the Claudio "in" camp firmly, however the club is bigger than any individual and this team of prima donnas, cliqués and mardy gits are responding to nothing, formation changes, loyalty, protecting them, support from the terraces despite what we are seeing on the pitch, in the short term we need something and it is looking like a change of Manager is all we have left, my preferred option would be to move Claudio "upstairs" I think a lot of this team may respond if we have someone in to tear them a new backside, maybe they feel they can get away with it with Claudio, as they won him the Premier League, they subconsciously feel they have credit in the bank, at key times on the pitch, if this was their maximum, I'm sure we would accept what is happening, but we know 100% this is not their maximum!
  14. Completely agree with you, Sunderland (a) sat with the missus in our seats "oi do you want to move in a bit" no I don't so they proceed to push past, 4 of them in two seats, Bournemouth (a) 5 of them in two seats in the row in front, one chucks a plastic bottle on the pitch, nearly hits Fuchs taking a throw in, Everton (a) Cup, one takes offence when I move him out of one of our seats, listen I'm not a shrinking violet who sits on my hands, this isn't creating an "atmosphere" this is being a prat.
  15. That van is there routinely, in case JV kicks off if the Vodka and Skittles go to his head a bit quick!