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  1. Only one for me..... F.A. Cup Semi final replay 1974 Villa Park - full, standing Holte End Leicester City v Liverpool
  2. Thank you Claudio, last season was absolutely awesome!! Just a shame the owners didn't let him resign. I know it amounts to the same thing but just allows him that courtesy. Sad time but SOMETHING had to change, otherwise we'd just slide down to relegation. Might still end up there but at least there's been a shake up. Don't know how much of Claudio's input regarding transfers, but they've been dreadful....Hernandez, Mendy, Slimani, Musa all a waste of money. (mind you, got rid of Hernandez sharpish) Missed a massive chance in the summer to buy in some real quality to The Champions. Players have to take the most blame this season though, regardless of tactics/formations. They cross the white line and should still be able to pass, tackle, close down, track runners instead of hoof ball and lethargy. THEY SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. If reports are true of them stabbing Ranieri in the back, they are also a disgrace. if we do ultimately get relegated, I wouldn't let any of them leave. I'd definitely replace most of them but I wouldn't give the others an easy-out. Unless they have buy-out clauses, I'd let them stew as squad players. keep them to their contracts, the owners can afford it. Statue for Claudio campaign??!! Thanks again, Claudio
  3. Watched Sutton v Arsenal....oh for Suttons' passion, commitment, skill, effort, defending etc etc! Great performance from non league team. How many would Arsenal put past us right now?!
  4. What a pile of shite. Totally embarrassing AGAIN!! Wasted big opportunity to build on last season with good signings....lots of decent players would've come in the summer....none now though. This season has ruined last now. Time moves on, it's about NOW! (Look at Forest & Leeds) I'm now hating the players. Prem is everything....who wants next season at Brentford & Barnsley??! i don't care about Champions League anymore, it's been totally spoilt. Team needs rebuilding for the Champonship. I'd keep the useless tossers we've got and play them in reserves. Don't give some of them (Mahrez, Vardy) an easy out with a transfer.
  5. Best game I've seen this season! Awesome stuff!! Soooooo exciting!!! Confident, dominate Champions performance!! ?
  6. Why all the doom and gloom after last night?!.......Man Citeh are certainly no Porto. Oh yeah, shit, there're much better!!! Can only see another hiding tbh. Don't understand all the talk about playing a weakened team yesterday our 'star' players have done any better all season! They've all been shite as a total group! Everyone is laughing at us now.....what an embarrassment as champions!.....embarrassing for the supporters, owners, Prem League, and English footy. No joy watching Leicester City at the moment....I've had more fun at an all-night dentist!
  7. ****ing shambles all round! They're all a waste of space!
  8. Absolute shite
  9. Expand the KP anyone???
  10. Absolutely woeful disgusting performance
  11. Shocking!!!!!!! Grrrrrrrrr!!!!
  12. You're just as bad mate....take off your rose coloured spectacles & read what majority of people are saying. Ok ok, I'll even give you there's been some decent patches, but come on, mostly been poor this season. Also, Kante "crap" for Chelsea?? Haha, stop it, my sides are hurting. Common thread people are questioning is the desire, commitment & effort this season, and that comes down to some of the things I mentioned.
  13. Idiot. Ridiculous post. We've been poor for pretty much all of the season....obvious lack of effort & desire. Think they're all world beaters now....internationals chumming it with their new pals Henderson, Wheelchair, & Rooney, books, films, big contracts etc etc. Get real & start performing!!
  14. Cut the crap.....bottom line is we are sh*te this season. Even in the Champions League, been poor. (& yes, I've been to the games) Can only hope by some miracle we get to 40 points. Very worried at the moment though.
  15. Get real mate, total loser!