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  1. One might argue it was once we made the substitutions that we struggled!
  2. No!
  3. Can't take away what Ranieri did here last season however it was a collective effort from everyone at the club,This season however he was shit as he was good last and had to go,This season and last season are 2 totally separate situations and should be treated as such!
  4. Fine margarines.
  5. As been shit acting grey beardy self opinionated seagull shagging sardine eating patronising arrogant bandwagon jumping french **** **** offfffff.
  6. got a bit of spare time so I'm having a bash at these questions.
  7. Give some one else a chance to answer mate.
  8. I would like to know who sanctioned Mendy and Musa cause 30 million plus not even making the bench is depressing.
  9. Right after my nervous poo,im claming an assist.
  10. I hope he comes on and scores so your boner goes away.give it a rest,he wil score important goals for us.
  11. Nervous boffin.
  12. We have lost 7 1 over the 2 games to this shower of shit! Embarrassing!
  13. Aslong as he washes his hands!
  14. Do we only get linked with managers of international teams? Depressing most of these we've been linked with!