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  1. Everton supporters always seemed to come into our stands at Filbo. Dunno why, and they always randomly chanted c'mon Evertuuurn. I recall a few times I thought oh no, it'll kick off now but nothing was said. It was almost like Everton were a non threatening care in the community it's just what they do and they've had a hard time bless em empathy.
  2. Just testing my keybord fter wthing tht. Splttered mouthful of beer ll over the plce.
  3. "Oh his name is Leonardo" But he saw scholes and that's alright with me. Sang that for a month
  4. When annoyed I sometimes say "it really bites my goat"
  5. So if look back at the change and our escape and the title win; it all goes back to the Spuds and Harry Kane. They stole their only chance at a title by beating us. I fv_*ing love that idea.
  6. Saw a few players having a go at him in that last 15 minutes. Unfortunately I think he's got maybe one or two last chances before the summer.
  7. I hope that fella who had a heart attack had no wifi signal. I nearly joined him. This club will be the death of us all. Two boring 1 - 0 home wins next please Craig and we're top 10 where we should be. I think our bad lucks evened out though.
  8. Red and white stripes. I was at this and Stoke. Hopes and dreams died with those colours and still haunt me. Some wrongs need to be put right.
  9. talked about this today at my office which is in Cambridgeshire (I'd never want to live there). Anyway after hearing what other folk are paying I shut the f' up and counted my blessings for living in tranquil shire of Charnwood.
  10. I'll add my humble explanation although I have no part whatsoever in these things. It's massive and it's layers of material on top of another. It's not like painting a wall you just cant lay the thing flat out. It's paid for and made by average supporters like you and me. Stand on the pitch you'll see it's impressive held up by thousands of people and the world watching. It's intimidating to the opposition players and fans and uplifting to our players, like trying to paint a 3 minute picture to inspire our hopes and dreams. It can't be made overnight and Claudio was only sacked weeks ago. So what could Inion FS do to inspire? They quoted Shakespeare in reference to our new manager and our situation. An immortal Italian Emperor has just been assassinated and we the fans (Mark Anthony in the play Julius Caeser) must incite our players from the brink of relegation to avenge our Champions status. Behind in this Champions League Union FS quoted Shakespeare as we all wished for "cry havoc" and let slip the dogs of war. It's was *****n genius in relation to our current plight.
  11. "Andy Cole" Wes Morgan, Wes Morgan Westley Westley Morgan, When he scores a goal It's with his organ Wetlsey Westley Morgan
  12. This is why I loved NP. waxing away my arse, take this headlock you short term media bite, well done you but you know your place ostriches.
  13. Fitted the night and atmosphere so well, l haven't seen anything else like it. Someone has worked on the perspective, larger at the top so when laid at the stand angle shows better scale. I'm sure our new manager loved it. Thanks for your time and effort guys and gals, the whole stadium looked ready to burst with colour and noise.
  14. Is that Van Winkle's house?
  15. Any man that Pearson hired as his number two is number one my book. Make it yours Craig please, because there is no going back.