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  1. hopefully we should find out this afternoon - its 50/50 i'd say.
  2. people without tickets, or tickets in the home end can travel on sports options though, they wouldn't have got on a TC flight
  3. yes mate definitley - and as people are guaranteed their tickets at 175+, 170+ and 165+ they will start booking on, people are just a bit reluctant to book on before their ticket is guaranteed
  4. How true is the fact that only 185+ got flights on TC. On my email from TC they quoted 175 and above, and i have also seen an email from the club to a friend quoting 185+. has anybody between 180-185 been sent a cancellation email from TC??
  5. there is added demand now due to a lot of people wanting a day trip and club not being able to supply enough seats for it, sports options weren't fully aware of this! hopefully gets sorted!
  6. am in haggis ! get the flight on!
  7. i can guarantee if they get the interest in the flight they will put it on
  8. The club can only allocate 3 plane seats worth, so they do that on priority. THAT DOES NOT MEAN TICKETS WILL SELL OUT BY 175+, ONLY AVAILABLE PLACES ON THEIR 3 AIRCRAFT!
  9. Thomas Cook sent an email sorry! Not the club, this is the email Thank you for your application for a place on the Thomas Cook Sport and Leicester City Football Club’s Official Trip to attend the away fixture against Atletico Madrid. We allocate our places based on the club ticket criteria. Unfortunately on this occasion you have been unsuccessful in securing a place on the official day trip, as seats have sold out to supporters with higher points than those on your application. The Club are expecting tickets to sell out at 175 points and therefore we are not able to secure further aircraft for any supporters with points below this threshold. Therefore in line with the instructions given by the Club, we have to inform you that your application will be cancelled. You will also receive a separate email advising your application has "failed". This will be with you no later than 5pm on Friday 24th March. You are still able to purchase tickets for this fixture directly through the club, in line with their sales criteria. Please accept our apologies for any disappointment caused that on this occasion we have been unable to accommodate you. Kind regards,
  10. The club have just sent an email round to all Thomas Cook Applicants below 175 points that they will not be allocated a flight to Madrid. A company are looking at adding an extra Birmingham flight, however they were unsure of demand to fill an additional 200 seats. Now many people have been rejected from official club travel, I think there will be enough interest now Let me know your interest below!
  11. the tickets will get to 175, however the official flights have sold out up to that priority
  12. Just had an email from club they can only accomadate for TC flights if you are 175+ points
  13. I am 100% sure tickets in general will get down to 170+, however I am worried that the TC flights may sell out before this priority is reached. I am 199 but like an idiot did a group application so am relying on my mate who is 170+ to get on the TC flights! Fingers crossed! If it sells out by 170+ i will just have to buy a ticket seperate and pray sport options put another flight on, with the extra demand from loads of people missing out on TC i would hope they will do! All this ****ing worrying gets me nowhere but ah well its good to talk