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  1. We need to consider the importance of this story. If the players have been specifically told to abandon the pressing game and sit back, then all this critisicm that is being levelled at them e.g. "the effort levels aren't the same as last season", "they aren't playing at the same intensity" are as much the managers fault because of how they have been set up. So visibly the fans are blaming the players and the analysts can back up our running/tackling/interceptions stats being down on last season - but ultimately they are under instructions from Claudio. I really am 100% behind the players, i think they have done the ight thing speaking up, and i really dont think they have purposely downed tools. But due to the poor management over the season they have lost so much confidence and morale that its turned into a desperate farce that was never going to turn around without something giving, and thank god it finally has! sick of the players getting all the stick and CR (who i love by the way) being seen as a saint who can do no wrong! he's a legend but hes as much to blame as anybody from top to bottom!!
  2. 100% correct mate. I am fully behind the players i don't think they have done anything wrong
  3. I think we are in great danger of imploding as a club. Managers/backroom staff/players/fans all in different camps. The fans in particular have really got it in for the players, which i do get to an extent obviously, but i think its way over the top. Claudio can do no wrong in a lot of people's eyes and its because he really is a true gentleman. If the players beat liverpool and hull now, it won't be because Shakespeare has managed to motivate them and get more out of the squad, it will be because they had downed tools under CR and were now playing for a new manager. I am far from sticking up for the players' performances this season, but the message from most fans is "Ranieiri deserves more time for winning the league last season", but we should "sack the players". Now without even getting into how far removed you must be from football/reality to suggest sacking the players, why are people placing all of the praise for winning the league on CR, and all the blame for this season's shambles, on the players. In my book they shoulder the praise/criticism 50/50. They were all brilliant last year, and they have been as bad as eachother this season. People are saying the players have completely downed tools, they are in the last 16 of the UCL with a huge chance to progress.... they are yet to go into the releagation zone... so yes its been frustrating, but they have not completely downed tools have they, a lot of the bad results have been down to management and players. If you watch each and every LCFC game you will have just seen how other than a few great performances this season, we have been absolutely desperate. The big one for me was Sunderland away when i just thought wow we are completley dreadful.
  4. I think they just do it to change the odds about on SkyBet
  5. Hodgson would be an absolute horror. Shakey till the end of the season me thinks is best
  6. i know might not be best idea or whatever guys but it was just the first thing that came to mind yesterday as wanted to do something quickly.
  7. forgot to put the link up what an idiot
  8. Hi i have set up a go fund me page to try and get enough money to pay for a full page tribute to claudio from the fans in the mercury. Any extra money will be donated to Ranieiri's chosen charity or The Leicester Foundation! thanks and if you like please share!
  9. Yes but i am only saying that for the next 3 months of my life as a football fan that all i want is to get to 40 points. I have been going down since 1991 and i have two young lads who will be coming down with me soon for many years to come. i think premiership survival now will give us the platform to grow and get to fa cup finals in the future. i just will accept the short term pain now for long term gain. and be realistic, on current form we have 0% chance of winning the fa cup
  10. I fully agree and addressed that twice in my original post when discussing the embarrassment of the result
  11. Not an upside - but turning a negative into a positive is infinitley better than dwelling on the result
  12. i'd rather do without the distraction of wembley. thats my opinion, yours may be different and good luck to you
  13. The argument was about our best chance of winning it though, not our best chance of being runners up like both Villa and Palace were.
  14. You can make that argument though. A rest isn't just about not playing in a fixture, its about the whole squad, management and back room staff not having to travel to an away game. Being able to spend more time on the training field. Not potentially having another damaging loss on the record when the team can be preparing for a far more important league game. They can focus everything on the next league game with no distractions.
  15. Relatively speaking it wasn't our best chance in a generation though was it. The quarter final loss to Wycombe was our best chance in a generation. Lincoln will lose to Arsenal so wouldn't have stood in our way but i was just making a point about the Burnley game. Remember the last team in a relegation dog fight who put all their effort into the FA Cup and went on to win it, Wigan Athletic, remember what happened to them that year? Look I'm not saying its not a travesty that we can't be firing on all fronts but the fact is we need to pick up 15-20 points in the EPL and nothing else matters