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  1. Dortmund capacity is reduced by approx 16000 due to the standing areas reversing back to seating for European games p
  2. I will correct you, you are wrong!! Seville are only 3 points behind Barca
  3. I've witnessed some incredible atmospheres over the years. Man City 4-3 in fa cup in 68. Cambridge play off semi final. Middlesbrough at Hillsborough. Walsh scoring at Wembley against derby. Claridge against palace. Man United 5-3. Winning the premier league there have been many more. But none of them was as loud for as long as tonight. It was electric tonight I kicked every ball tonight and shouted louder then I have done for years. I left the stadium and pub absoloutly shattered and have no energy left. But would do it all again tomorrow. Tonight more then ever I am proud to be a leicester fan. Proud of the fans proud of the team and proud of the best owners in English football. WOW
  4. Are you saying they will have a slight culture shock when visiting us
  5. Everyone an 8 from me other then Mahrez a 7 and Vardy a 9. Fuchs. Simpson. Drinky. Albrighton and Ndidi were superb
  6. That was so refreshing to watch. It was one of the few times we have played like we did last season. People have moaned about Mahrez but he did do some nice bits including the link up play with Fuchs for 3rd goal. Ndidi was superb throughout. And the back four were all superb first time I've said that this season. Albrighton had his best game in months as did Vardy who was brilliant tonight. Why did we play like like that after months. Think players were embarrassed over the Claudio saga. Shakey allowed them to play and all of them put a shift in. Well done City proud of everyone of you!!!!!
  7. And to think we were after him last season. Was it25 million? that would if been a bargain.
  8. Well that will be interesting we havnt played football for months.
  9. Can't people just get off his back Hamer is about as much use as Logan give it a rest
  10. Every predicutction I have made this season has been wrong. I'm not excited about this line up however I have to be right at some point so am going for 2-0 win with Vardy and Slim when he comes in with the goals
  11. How can you give Zieler a 4 he did nothing wrong other then one punch when he could have caught the ball. Wish people would get off his back and applaud him when he does well!!!!
  12. As a matter of interest what formation are we playing?
  13. I would bring Mahrez on for albrighton and Musa for shinji
  14. That was fun
  15. Huth has been our only defender. I'm one of Fuchs biggest fans but he has been poor. Shinji has been rank. Gray had been greedy at times Vardy no service again. Do think Mendy has done ok so far and Ndidi. musa on for shinji and just go for it