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  1. If it's a local spirits company and makes a good product, forget the label - buy local!
  2. There are wages in the States that haven't seen a real increase since the 1980s. Meanwhile, the cost of a university level education has risen 3x or more in the same period...
  3. We're all going a little stir crazy on FT waiting for the next match, aren't we? Can't come soon enough so we have something else to discuss other than running over the same ground.
  4. There are few things in this world quite as refreshing as a good G & T.
  5. Moscow was Musa
  6. LCFC selling a player to Barca...now that's something.
  7. As long as we have Vardy, we need Shinji. They're Batman and Robin.
  8. Good shouts. Flashy signings aren't necessarily what is required. Steady signings are - I may be daft, but give me a team of Marc Albrighton-esque players (work rate, grit) at each position and we'd be okay. Give me guile to add to the graft and we'll be a good side.
  9. What sold it for me was the free-kick attempt on goal. Cheeky bastard.
  10. Thanks for sharing!
  11. I would say that when one thinks of 'world-class' keepers, Kasper has to be in the conversation on current form. Now, when i say 'world-class' - I believe that it's a little more fluid than some do. Some players are 'world-class' year in, year out - perhaps those belong on their own tier. Other players, like our Mahrez (last season) and Kasper (this season) will only be 'world-class' for a shorter period of time - their spark burns as bright, but for a shorter duration.
  12. Good for him, and for the club. It only takes one of these signings to pan out and have an immense effect, as we've all seen.
  13. His assist yesterday was a thing of breathtaking beauty.