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  1. The new manager needs to remove the ring leaders come the summer, absolutely.
  2. He wont, he's far too warm of a person and good for him for being so.
  3. Feel for him, those ****ing players have nothing to hide behind now though and his removal in my opinion will keep us up, should top get it right with their new selection. It isn't easy, right or fair, but the players have won. All the best Claudio, you truly are lovely.
  4. If true this is very important in how the fans should react to the players.
  5. He surely isn't being abused by our lot?
  6. I bet you don't go and watch the local village play.
  7. Call me what you will, he was taking us down with a group that wrongly were out to damage him, isn't fair or right but it needed doing.
  8. It's a business.
  9. They've been terrible, the quick fix is the manager, not fair or right but true.
  10. We won't know whether this is a blind panic or a calculated decision until we see who comes in. Not surprised he's been gone but I am very surprised in the manner of dismissal, I expected them to move him up into a role behind the scenes. Not best pleased.
  11. Good stuff. **** Morgan & Huth still.
  12. ****ing sick of people saying "he captained us to the title, he managed us to the title" whatever the **** else. Woolworths probably had one good year too!
  13. Biggest match in our history, let's ****ing go!!
  14. Had a tenner on us tonight, I'm feeling confident.
  15. 4-0 home win.