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  2. We won't sign him or any other player this window, can see it now! Not sure why but it just feels like we're not going to get anyone else in.
  3. Ok I'll say it. GERIMIN!!!!!
  4. That's exactly right, if the don wants him the don will get him
  5. Oh bollocks to wingers!
  6. Oh just ****ing buy somebody, this is the most boring transfer window ever!
  7. So is there anything credible saying the mystery man is him?
  8. That links old as fack
  9. If this turns out to be someone shit, someone needs a pimp slap!
  10. Have we been linked then?
  11. Nevermind all this selling, let's get some buying done
  12. I'd like a siege mentality! Unite the lads!
  13. Here's hoping we fix it in January and sign players that want to be on the ball, and can keep it
  14. The defence needs fixing, that's all.
  15. Isn't happening according to mids.