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  1. I blame the liberals!
  2. Good, glad they've hit good form, wouldn't want any excuses
  3. Looks like a member of Fat Tony's mob off of The Simpsons. Nobody knows to any degree of accuracy what happened, Ranieri, as nice as he is went wrong. You wait til we dump Atletico out of the UCL, see how everyone is back on board and loving the Leicester bang wagon.
  4. Remember when he played for us against someone crap, derby I think, made a comment on here about his obvious ability and the improvement he made to our back line. Didn't go down well at the time as it was only derby, glad he's now being recognised.
  5. Here's a tip, most people talk bollocks
  6. 1-1 at their place and we'll batter them 4-1 at home, I think hehe
  7. Same as Sevilla, get the win.
  8. Fat boy fat boy, whatcha gonna do when he come for you?!
  9. What about musa?
  10. Also can one of the forum guys put this into an emoji thing?
  11. This little lad is a bossman.
  12. Good lad.
  13. Looking good.