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  1. Yep, that's why I'm taking the mrs there for a mini break next month ...
  2. Right its a lovely springlike day today so you keyboard warriors get out there and have a walk in a park or in the country ... take the dog for a walk ... and if you haven't got a dog just buy a lead and walk along with it trailing behind you ... bout the same but no crap to pick up.
  3. Thats a good point ... and so important it probably needs its own thread ... get to it flannel !
  4. Are we the new Millwall ? .... Who cares.
  5. Will expand when I get a minute but I think things went wrong from the minute we became champions ... And EVERYONE at the club was guilty to a different degree ... Owners sending us all over the world ... People leaving who should have been given an offer they couldn't refuse ... Crap recruitment .... Bad team selection and tactics .. Etc etc .... Funnily enough I think the players are the least to blame having played their fookin hearts out and never being given a rest.
  6. Well said Geoff ... Unlike that jug eared prat.
  7. Absolutely nothing would surprise me now with this lot ... Could win every game ... Or lose every game ! ... Never a dull moment !
  8. Last season nothing ... This season everything.
  9. If the chairman wants to talk to the players, they attend ... end of. And who knows if they supported him or not ... don't speculate ... and please please lets not start a witch hunt and fall into the media and our opponents hands. Players need our support now to get us out the sh1t.
  10. Shut up blabbergob you'll get me in trouble !
  11. I think you may have a point there Muzzett ...
  12. Sorry I can't comment on that ...
  13. Well said !
  14. Well actually Para I think I meant 'rough diamond' ...
  15. Blimey have you read them all !! ... You must be a fan.