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  1. You can squark all you like pal but you're still talking cr@p .... why single out one player and think we should treat him differently to all the rest ... he was part of a team .. part of a club ... Leicester City Football Club. And as for slating Mahrez .... you're talking even more cr@p ! ... haven't ever done that and why would I ! ... he was part of the team that did the impossible and will live in my memory and Leicester folklore forever.
  2. Nope ... I don't think he should get special treatment at all. No more than anyone else.
  3. Still saying it pal .... Codswallop. Lets not forget what the club has done for him. Wonder if you actually are a Leicester fan or just have a hard on for Mahrez.
  4. Codswallop.
  5. Yes Matt my tongue was well and truly in my cheek with that comment ... however, with regard to the man himself I know he is very unlikely to return but who knows what is going on in his head now ... maybe, just maybe he isn't actually enjoying his new job ... and all I'm suggesting, everybody, is if you don't ask you don't get. A simple "What would we have to do to get you back Steve ?" is all it takes ... If he says I'm not coming back then move on, but just consider every option first, starting with your main target.
  6. Who mentioned DOF ?? ... Call him what you like but pay him more ... Director of ... Whatever ... Top Scouty Person ... Who cares ... Maybe he didn't want to leave. Look for solutions not problems ... Like I said maybe just somewhere to start .
  7. Careful Wymsey you are starting to dig yourself a hole .... We now know you are a dirty old git with a penchant for very old bangers, have infected feet and warts on your bellend .....
  8. Just see who Walsh is after then nip in, buy him, and be on our toes before he knows what day it is. Simples .... For central defenders identify the best in the prem and the championship that fit our style and get some serious offers in .... And whilst all this is going on carefully rebuild our scouting network ... Would Walshy come back ?? Good place to start ....
  9. Actually had creamed spinach smarty pants !! ..... With my tenderloin and chips and a couple of pints of local pale ale ... One of the best meals I've had for ages.
  10. Watched Jersey Boys in London and had a lovely meal in MASH steak house first ... Great night ... MASH highly recommended.
  11. Was actually "Let him have it " but near enough without looking it up ... Massive injustice. imo.
  12. No flies on you Bucey ! ...
  13. "Give it to him" .... Cost a man his life ... Heard clearly but misunderstood.
  14. A psychiatrist would love you ......
  15. I'm fairly confident that you've got the last 2 the wrong way round ....