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  1. Says the guy who was both hired and fired during the same season. You can't back under performers, manager included. He has experience being an under-performing manager. My gosh, this guy has absolutely no self-awareness. As much I would have rather binned our entire XI a month ago, there are already rules preventing us from doing that. The last thing I want is more rigidity in what we can do to save ourselves from ourselves.
  2. He played u17s, 18s, and 19s as a MK dons player. He played U21s when he was loaned back to MK as Spurs bought him in January. We're talking about Barnes getting into the U19s here, not the senior squad.
  3. You complain about us complaining and then an hour later you complain.
  4. Slimani was supposed to come on for Vardy in the 60'. But Ayew scored so Shakey didn't make a change until the double change in the 75' with Musa and Slimani coming on for Vardy and Okazaki. Benny was injured in the 83' as the change from Mahrez to Chilwell was about to occur. That change was then delayed Benny he made sure Benny was okay and was back on the pitch for a minute but when on as planned. Slimani and Musa weren't able to team up as Schlupp/Gray and Ulloa were last year to kill off the game. Slimani was walking about the center circle like a loan striker waiting for service and I have no idea the sort of hold up play Musa was brought on for. I don't think they understood the situation they were playing in. We were getting overrun before the substations. The game was calling for a Amartey to sure up the midfield. There were very little in that game between a 3 point game and a 1 point game. Only a world class saves and a couple of big misses from Ayew and Slimani.
  5. It's looking like groundhog day for Brighton.
  6. The popular guys must understand their characters and whether that's who they are or not we'll never know. And whether or not they get revenue sharing from the videos or use it as a platform to then start their own channels. I've heard Robbie pays for their tickets but I don't know about any other benefits.
  7. AFTV has put up 16 post match videos. Robbie getting paid.
  8. I do not understand the blind pass back that went out for a throw. Your job is to get to the corner flag and then maybe come inside. You have the pace. The job is not to hold the ball in your own half and then give it away.
  9. Of course they can't stop comparing him to dad. But interesting anecdote about Dion Dublin warming up Peter.
  10. Worst double change ever.
  11. Every bounce is going their way.
  13. WTF are we doing. Why are we allowing them back into the game.