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  1. We have to remember that Leicester and every other team are no longer just football clubs. They are a business and ran like a business. This is what people will always struggle with.
  2. If we don't get behind them they might ask to owners for us to be removed from the stadium also
  3. Yeah i've said it so much now i'm considering putting a bet on it.
  4. Surely the owners are wise and will have someone in place already.
  5. Alan Curbishley said it many times before
  6. needs to think a bit more, he ran straight into a player last night....He needs to have a plan when on the ball.
  7. Where was Wes when he gave them a penalty and Kasper saved it. The only person that went up to him was Simpson. Wes should have thanked him and also given a message to his team to pick themselves up, but he just walked off.
  8. Are we going to write letters to everyone
  9. Hi I Claudio I leave now dilly ding ciao
  10. Best team won all I can say
  11. Come on millwall get a goal to get this trash Claudio up in the directors seat
  12. We are ****ed
  13. Benny and that control
  14. This squad means he won't drop any big names from champions league on Wednesday then. Same old crap from Claudio
  15. The site I use doesn't have it listed and they are usually pretty good with their epg on Kodi. Ah well I'll look elsewhere