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  1. No tactic changes, they are just told to get into em and eff em up
  2. if we win the game I don't care, if we win the champions league I don't care. Haters gonna hate....They were probably Arsenal fans anyway
  3. It's just getting worse, flights gone up to 120£ quid in the space of minutes
  4. Must have gone up already. I didn't go through to booking
  5. Not if you go from Birmingham the 10th is currently 18 quid out
  6. Makes sense as it's the better headlines
  7. Real VS Leicester city FINAL
  8. I think we have to take into account that Leicester play a particular way and it's obvious Slim isn't used to that and English football yet. I can see him being decent though.
  9. When the Scottish voted for independence, they did under the notion that Britain would A) likely hold a vote to leave the EU B) that vote would go one of 2 ways You can't change the outcome just because you don't like it. suck it up and get on with it. Sturgeon is only saying what she is saying because she is smart. she knows 1) it's unlikely (now stated) that she will get a referendum anytime soon 2) in addition to the above unlikely she will ever get a referendum 3) Unlikely England will ever agree to the terms that will be proposed even if talks went ahead 4) if all of the above went though nlikely Scotland will be allowed into the EU if a referendum was given the go ahead She is just using it as a F**K Y** to the tories and an excuse to pretend she is all mighty and powerful and opposed the the english and or Tory regime and it makes he look like a true Scot that is fighting for the Scottish people. I think it's sad that she is allowed to call the UK Governments bluff When realistically she'd lose and have to step down.
  10. Except when we turn it around and the season ends well and then no one leaves, because we finished 12th in the league
  11. Regardless of whatever Vardy did or didn't do. Nasri should be professional enough to walk away and keep his cool. At no point should he or any other football approach another player with their head. Simple rules is make it a red card. Job done...
  12. Ulloa will play, Chillwell will play