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  1. I wish they were the same as Sevilla, but understandable considering we're in the final eight of the Champions League. Was anybody really expecting any different?
  2. Very commendable. They're a good model for us. They've become a very competitive premier league club and have managed to reinvent themselves in that time.Coming back to it though, those two managers both did really well for them. Let's face it, if Ranieri had us even in the position that we're in now then he'd still be in a job. Longevity still exists, it's just based on performance.
  3. Managers will still be given time in football if they are getting a good points return. For instance, Mark Hughes has been the manager at Stoke for nearly four years now, which is a decent time in the modern game. He hasn't been sacked because they've been steady under his stewardship every season. Also, would it mean that managers aren't allowed to resign midway through a season? You can't have it both ways.
  4. I still like him. He's actually contributed to a decent amount of goals since being here. We've seen what he can do if you get good delivery into the box. I do agree that his overall game could do with some improvement though.
  5. Been a big critic of his this season, I admit. However he's played like a man possessed in the last few games. It looks like we've got the Marc Albrighton we know and love back.
  6. Former Boro captain. Could see him being well received up there.
  7. That mean the media will blame everyone except me if things start to go badly?
  8. I think 38 will be enough this season, possibly less. Want to get to 40 points to be sure though.
  9. It feels like media pundits and non- Leicester City fans will blame everyone down to the Laundry ladies before blaming Ranieri.
  10. Sutton was the most childish of all. I bet he thought he was so clever and original saying 'snakespeare'.
  11. It's the part I forgot to argue.
  12. I'm on from 31.30 if you fancy listening.
  13. Not as well as I wanted to. Aha.
  14. Just been on 606 if anyone was listening. Apologies if I didn't get enough points across.
  15. This is it. I honestly feel that most clubs of a similar size to us would have done what we've done in the same situation. Especially if their owners have invested millions and millions as well as clearing £100 million worth of debt.