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  1. Where do you think he'd get consistent game time?
  2. Today was the first time I've missed Schlupp. He used to be pretty good at the '15-20 minutes at a tiring defence' thing that Musa was supposed to to
  3. I think you could say 'don't touch the brakes'
  4. Obviously we know who was supposed to be doing that. But when has he shown any ability to hold the ball up? He doesn't win headers with his back to goal, his first touch has been garbage and his passing woeful. If you want someone to primarily hold the ball up you're much better off with Ulloa. The worst thing about him is the persistent and visible moaning at his team mates. If would be irritating enough if he was playing well.
  5. What. The. ****?
  6. It's the Guardian. They're saying he's a running dog lackey of capitalist imperialism.
  7. From the Guardian; Doubtful Antonio (shoulder), Snodgrass (ankle) Injured Noble (dead leg, 1 Apr), Sakho (back, 1 Apr), Ogbonna (knee, Aug), Arbeloa (calf, unknown), Töre (knee, unknown)
  8. Does anyone know who AC Monaco's defender Andrea Raggi is? Are you being deep?
  9. The implication of this comment is that you think if a player or his agent demanded a release clause as a condition of their contract we should just walk away. Right?
  10. Always enjoyed listening to Stevie Claridge. Not sure if he's an ex-pundit
  11. Jesus. Thanks for the unfortunate mental image
  12. No, other than having to listen to your poor-man's AA Gill shtick. I can only assume the non-mawkish portion is your (presumptuous and somewhat tautological) way of saying you think we'll go down, in which case, noted.
  13. Néstor Lorenzo
  14. I can't think of a single good manager who is dense/slow-witted. I can think of a player who certainly seems to be.