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  1. No, other than having to listen to your poor-man's AA Gill shtick. I can only assume the non-mawkish portion is your (presumptuous and somewhat tautological) way of saying you think we'll go down, in which case, noted.
  2. Néstor Lorenzo
  3. I can't think of a single good manager who is dense/slow-witted. I can think of a player who certainly seems to be.
  4. I've mentioned it before, but the first goal against MU in the 5-3 game. Some top work by Vardy (wherefore are thou, Romeo?), but sweet Argentian Lord that is some header from Ulloa.
  5. In training. The hedges has 38% but still managed a draw.
  6. All true. And absolutely an argument for people having some respect in terms of the way they talk about Kingy. But it's not a compelling argument for his continued appearance as a starter. Indeed to me it sound like special pleading.
  7. I turned the TV on just before the start, so I only saw the last 94 minutes. Did Vardy play?
  8. For every single sentence he starts with the microphone a foot away then bring it closer to his mouth until the sentence ENDS WITH SOME UTTER INANITY.
  9. I think he's bored of you saying the same bloody thing every day. Bizarre, I know.
  10. Me too. At least partly because I want to know if Pete meant 'snowballed' or the podcast includes a section on oriental food.
  11. Blimey, it's a right roller-coaster on here! From despair a couple of weeks ago to quiet confidence against the league leaders. Let's hope not back again. Probably largely a function of the number of miserable bleeders who have absolutely nothing at all to say when we we've won... Only heard the mid-week game but I thought Everton in the league were the second worst team we've played this season. As such, a win against them in an early cup round keeps my expectations in check of us repeating the performance against what is surely the best team in the league. I'm way more excited than confident. But that's a lot better than being confident we'll get slotted.. The potential midfield battle though... Do they collect stats for the amount of time the ball is in the centre-circle?
  12. You should Google the 'Kübler-Ross model'. You're at 3. Put your big-boy pants on and move to stage 5.
  13. My god, the very thought.... I haven't myself 'decided' anything. But for me he's been getting worse.
  14. Not sure what the btw denotes, but it's not relevant since it was from a Simpson cross. Well, I'm praising him because he pretty much always either a) wins the ball or b) makes himself such a bleeding nuisance the defender has little control over where it goes. Slim, with his back to goal at least, has been a piece of p*ss to defend against. Also, Leo can pass, and has some fair technical chops for a big guy. Again, Slim, so far, not so much.
  15. This is mainly what I've been disappointed about. Yes, he can do it. But. **** me, he doing a lot of not doing it too. As for the shit balls... if Leo hadn't got a chunk of game time recently this would get a bit more sympathy. But either they miraculously Anschstop when players pass to him or he's a lot better at making them look like Anscheissery