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  1. We want excess of 40m - hope that rules out the likes of Spurs and Liverpool.
  2. It's a must. Do we want to become a bigger club or not?
  3. I think he'll stay another year and we'll sell with 2 years left on his deal.
  4. Fair play to him if he ends up at Barcelona
  5. Mahrez, Kasper, Drinkwater and Vardy all stay imo.
  6. Wouldn't like to watch him play against us after all he's done for us. I hope he sees out his contract
  7. Positives - they're not as good as they were.
  8. Sorry. Back page of a lot of papers tomorrow
  9. Probably from people who haven't watched us play all season. The outrage over CR sacking was ridiculous.
  10. Win the next two and we should be aiming for the top half. Beat Stoke and we're only 3 points off 9th.
  11. Win this and we'd only be 3 points behind them Probably 3 points off 9th?
  12. WTF
  13. Where is this?
  14. I know it has been discussed but 2 papers, granted only the sun and the mirror, are running a story of him returning in tomorrow's papers. Probably merits his own thread. Stan Collymore and Henry Winter have both said that players would like him back