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  1. i don't follow them and never heard of them before, the 2nd one was one of the most liked and retweeted tweets recently so the tweet will pop up at the top, nothing more, nothing less
  2. i said it more than once, kante is world class. he's just not the best CM in the world, just like hazard and neymar are both world class but neymar is obviously the better player and that's why i like to refer to them as elite (messi, ronaldo, neymar, saurez, vidal, modric etc..)
  3. 1-i don't really think you get what i'm trying to say, i only have a problem with people calling him "the best CM in the world", kante is world class and probebly the best at what he does but he is far from bieng an elite mid like the players i mentioned before 2-i still dont think you truly understand how twitter works (not trying to offend you or anything) i found a tweet and i linked it, its not like a real madrid fans will be raving about busquets or anything
  4. "Former Red Devils defender Phil Neville, who was working alongside Shearer and Lampard, described the Frenchman as the "most effective midfielder in Europe at the moment"
  5. 1-but they still make a game changing decision (and who's the player that lost the ball and caused the goal) here's another angle of that sweat play 2-my point exactly, how is he supposed to be the best if he didn't play against elite midfielders (and defeat them)
  6. staying here or moving to another english club will be better for him, but of course i want my fellow countrymen to have a successful career and boost the rep of my national team, no shame in that
  7. maan, you just called me an algerian barca fan, so how am i the one deflecting the point?
  8. did i mention that he doesn't have any football IQ? it says "Muscle over brains" not "all muscle and no brains", he has a good football IQ but more importantly he has an amazing instincts he doesnt stand a chance against players like Iniesta and Busquets (not the same type of player btw) because their IQ is so high that he seems like just another athletic beast
  9. ,there is something called "trending" and i dont know if you heard of it or not but, if you searched for "kante" on twitter, that tweet will come up
  10. do any one of them thinck he is the bes CM i the the world, because that is the point that i'm talking about. you seem to get it twisted, with you (and many others here) its even you are with us or against us. kante is a great player, but he is not as great as you might think
  11. not following him btw, and i thought we talked about the "barca fan" comment
  12. there are many footballers that can read the game better than him, but i get what you mean. but don't act like english football fans don't favour the work horses, we have two starting players that are playing in this team because of their work rate, since when a CF/SS was being played because he can close people down and run a lot, is he a pro footballer or a marathon runner ( you could argue that this is the way the team is set up but that conversation is saved for another time) even english people said it, most of them will take a work horse instead of a flair player
  13. you will only have to read about fanboys calling him "the best CM in the world"
  14. man feasting on PL CMs (you cant name more than few world-class CMs in the EPL) and people have the audacity to say that he is better than world cup, champions league and copa america winners who have been doing it on the highest level for so many years.