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  1. 1-Get those thoughts sometimes (not killing my self of course😂), but like you said, those are just thoughts 2- those are the things that bother me. Sometimes people can say inconsiderate things ( not necessarily directed at me) or be unpleasant human beings and you just think "what if I give them the work, just to rattle him, no big deal" but I let it go because I learned that no good will come from it but I remember those interactions from time to time and i start rethinking things " don't just be the nice guy" I'm starting to just let it go because its not worth the time nor the effort. But sometimes it gets really hard to let it go when you are remembering it pretty much every week. 3- I enjoy a good laugh on my own expense ( I believe that in order to make playful fun of your friends you have to be able to take some jabs) but with time you start to feel numb and just become cranky because you are tired of the act. Sigh...things will get better, life is just ups and downs so, you can't really appreciate a sweat orange without tasting a sour lemon
  2. Not even joking, i got mad reading those words. Came in here expecting you to have some encouraging things to say to people in need for support and you drop this bomb on us. Come on, man! You are better than this! Those were my thoughts reading that line and you managed to make a comeback with a fantastic fashion, your words are really a treat for the sore eyes/minds. Great to have such an input
  3. He thanked them in his letter so, no chance. Water under the bridge.
  4. But can he have enough time to really make an impact. He strikes me as a manager that likes a system and that will take time to be implemented. He would make a great manager next season but can he get results as fast as possible.
  5. Can someone please link the snap if they can.
  6. It would'be been funnier if it was Kasper instead of mahrez (because mahrez actually supported Claudio)
  7. 😂😂😂i think even @The Doctor knew that I didn't mean anything like that and Even he didn't mind because this forum is very open in its interactions.I have nothing but respect for the posters here. If you thought that that was condescending then you should meet the heavy hitters in this forum, you wouldn't know what hit you (is this "condescending" enough for your taste)
  8. No amount of wins can make what happened right. But, it was a necessary evil. No points, no goals, no wins and no improvement in sight so they had to play the villain role for the best interest of the club. It wasn't the classiest act but it was the necessary one to do.
  9. Judging by your Claudio pic I can tell that you are mad/emotional. Just give it a few weeks/wins and things will be OK.
  10. I would've agreed with you if the team was playing an "OK" brand of football and the club was in the 12th-14th position. But, 1 point away from relegation with the last 3 teams playing better leaves no room for sympathy.
  11. Managers been sacked before because of player power. The owners can easily say "he couldn't bring the best out of a 20 goals a season striker and the player of the season" and call it a day. People now are emotional but give it a month or two and things will be OK again.
  12. Wish he showed his players the same support instead of throwing them under the bus time and time again.
  13. Still no regrets, I learned to not judge things while being emotional. The team was playing bad, not getting points and no signs of improving. You can post pics of big Sam if you want, there is no regrets coming from me. He is A good man but him and the club had to part ways, that's called life
  14. That is the nature of life. I will remember him as a nice man and a premier league champion