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  1. Stop making sense, will you ; the plonkers reading this forum can't cope with it.
  2. I am over the moon, this felt like watching us during last season. Kudos to the owners who had the balls to make the right choice. Craig till the 38th game please.
  3. Ndidi single handedly obliterating all our good efforts so far.
  4. His Fifa 17 avatar is pretty good though ...
  5. Deep inside, you know you would take Kante back in a heart beat ...
  6. Sure, that's why we only scored 24 goals in 24 games, while Crystal Palace who are already in relegation battle score 32 ...
  7. I am no expert on the subject, i suppose you would need to shag twice to make up for it.
  8. Blimey, thanks for your concern about the future of my offspring
  9. By today's market standards i can safely bet my left nut that there is no way Mahrez would sell for under £40M. You can count on one hand the number of players in the whole world hardly better than him at his position, offering less than that would be taking the piss out of us.
  10. I hear you mate. I also have been yelling that since .... the august pre-season friendlies. First, i thought it was a tactical trick from CR to hide his real plans and unfold a new system when the season begins. But now i know that the truth is : CR knows as much as us that he made a major ****-up by signing new strikers without creative midfielders to feed them. This is why we resort to hoofing it up, that is the only way our weak midfield bone can bring the ball in threatening positions, period. And the worst part is we lost momentum. Last transfer window, as fresh reigning champions we could have attracted many top quality creative midfielders ( be it CM/CAM or DM ). But now, who would be stupid enough to sign with us and fancy a relegation battle, as that will be the most realistic ambition you could claim with our aging center backs and bellow average midfield we have ?
  11. That "performance " is a waking call for CR to immediately make the paradigm shift needed to start looking like a PL side with sense and purpose. If we don't, I am adamant come next transfer window we will loose Mahrez, he won't lay plans to waste his talent in a relegation fodder team, he is way too good for that.
  12. Actually, quiet the opposite. Any professional manager knows that our system and squad will never offer to a flair player to shine, period. First of all, our opponents have most of the time more than 65% of possession, since we never get a hold of the ball we resort to hoofing it forward like headless chickens. Secondly, even though he finds himself with the mandatory 3 opponents closing him down, his team-mates never give him any options to take advantage of the spaces created around by this special treatment. In a team of higher caliber Mahrez would thrive, he is your typical flair player that will suits any possession-footy team .
  13. Great first half from the lads. CR finaly set us up in a 4-5-1 system i always wanted to see us try. But that ref is doing his very best to fook us sideways. Please don't touch Payet next half, or i swear even the slightest stare from the eyes will be enough to have us down to ten men...
  14. Sorry if i hurt your feelings, i didn't meant any harm. It is a recurrent joke at my workplace and on YouTube, i guess you are not fond of ironic type of humour.
  15. Starving kids in Africa could have eaten those trainers, Mahrez you plonker !