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  1. Not impressed with this Shakespeare lad.
  2. Better energy and harrying. Just don't concede first as the atmosphere with deflate in seconds.
  3. If they play a blinder will they look absolutely bastards for waiting until now to do it?
  4. I totally understand the clamour. But sentiment is blinding people's logic. Never going to happen. Would you get back with an ex who had cheated on you twice (separate occasions)? Trust, respect and confidence gone forever.
  5. On my Seville adventure this week, I met someone very much ITK having worked for Leicester in recent seasons. Really nice guy who was very genuine and very real as I googled him after. He shared many pearls of Wisdom, here are but 3: 1) Walsh and Shakey massively had Claudio's ear last year and very much influenced tactics. This season not at all for different reasons. 2) LCFC should have sold (cashed in) Mahrez in the summer. Great technician, but not necessarily mentally tough enough to reproduce that form again. 3) Slimani was thought by certain important parties to be ok, but not worth going for above 10mil. Claudio did not agree. I just had a sense from my chat with the fella, that the Italian has made a lot of very stubborn and dubious decisions this season.
  6. Food for thought. Strange decision to dismantle something that was working well. I'm convinced Walsh leaving and Claudio re-jigging some of Pearson's back room structures have had a hugely negative effect.
  7. I concur. He was always developing us.
  8. How could he and the Thai's ever work together again. Surely their relationship is broken beyond repair?
  9. No need. I fess up it was me. I text Shriv and said "enough squire, move the lad on". Sorry!!
  10. Leicester on Tour. Where next lads - Germany??
  11. I hope the players are ashamed of themselves. We can't sack half the squad so Claudio had to take the bullet. I wonder whether they tried to encourage him to walk (the old by mutual consent), but Claudio wanted to stay on. Either way as a pragmatist it had to happen, unless we were prepared to accept guaranteed relegation. Claudio would not have turned this slide around.
  12. Clearly made their mind up after Millwall. But waited until after the Seville match so as not to unsettle us before that. He should of walked not been sacked. Sad.
  13. Not sure why Musa got the nod ahead of Gray. I think Claudio likes to keep Gray in his place. Perhaps he recognises the young buck in him, that he once was!!
  14. Simply terrible.
  15. Having a full English at Malaga airport. Feel terrible. Great night!!