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  1. Elliott v Chelsea .Turns Desailly inside out!
  2. Thing is Vardy was smashing 30 goals a season in his non league days and you could argue he was more League 1/2 standard when we signed him Heck my nephew's on 9 (with 9 assist) in the National league why don't we bloody sign him
  3. Twitter throws up some good streams.Just put "West ham Leicester stream "in search bar and you normally find a good stream amongst the crap on there.
  4. I don't get how CR is knocked for the whole Kante thing.He should be given credit for listening to someone else about a player most had never heard of and then within a few games had him in the starting line up
  5. I don't think Kante would of signed if we'd of wanted a higher release clause.
  6. Thank god Sven signed a decent goalie!!!!
  7. While i don't disagree with CR sacking.Regardless of a changes in tactics the players have been making a lot of mistakes.Simple passes miss placed,attackers not marked from set pieces etc.
  8. That's a lie there's no way the guy in the string vest had any mates!
  9. I know it's wiki but he has some good stats .
  10. Remember at the time think Wes doesn't look to impressed.
  11. Would kante of signed if he'd played hard ball with the release clause?
  12. Fair do's i only tend to look at which ever division City are in.
  13. Shit is it double relegation this season then!
  14. Whaaaaaaaatttttt