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  1. Yeah for once it would make sense
  2. They are in the F.A Cup sponsored by Emirates.
  3. I'd march, walk, run, trample on the ugly old cvnts heart til it explodes. I'd rather Megson came back than this utter **** who sent England further into the dark ages than Graham Taylor.
  4. Yeah we would be the nicest most loved most dignified league one club if they had let him carry on losing every week. Big business isn't about being nice.
  5. If he doesn't resign in his post match interview then I'm done. Utterly utterly pathetic and clueless, no goals shite defending no effort for weeks and weeks. Just **** off now its boring.
  6. Its Q from Impractical Jokers
  7. Kapustka will destroy them
  8. We don't score or even create chances and concede rubbish goals for fun, that equals relegation. Ndidi only decent player.
  9. Support the team blindly whatever the situation then? The 100k a week arrogant sods who aint put in full effort for most of the season need a fvcking punch or two. They are all so detached from reality and so rich, they couldnt give a toss. They need waking up.
  10. I Like the idea but it would mean just poor Chilwell vs man its on his own. Even if he was the only available player though he'd probably still leave him out like the last 2 games.
  11. Can't we do what they do in Cricket and declare? Kick off then declare at 0-0. It's worth a try.
  12. How has he lacked effort? He has hardly played, and when he has hes been as good as anyone else if not better. He is his national team captain, he needs more games down the middle like the Everton game.
  13. Did Musa shag your missus or something you seem to hate the poor cvnt. Hes hardly played either mate, Okazaki I can't argue with.
  14. Our bench is better than our team. ****ing left back at left mid ****ing Okazaki AGAIN absolute shite team
  15. You're missing the point. If Musa continues to be hardly used then your claim he's not good enough will still not stand up, because he has not had a fair go yet especially not in his favoured position. a u keep saying, the odd time he's played down the middle he's done well, I'm not sure how your so critical of him. Were you at Everton? He destroyed Williams. He was the only guy to test Courtois v Chelsea. He is fast, direct and needs a proper run upfront then he can be judged. What I've seen of him I like.