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  1. Morgan > godin Vardy > greizman We will win
  2. Musa has been poor, but so was the rest of team until 4 games ago... He needs a chance to prove himself.... So far neither him or slimani appear to be very overpriced flops who don't appear to fit into our style or system. But everybody needs time, hopefully next season they will. Although if we get a half decent offer i would sell musa and slimani
  3. Sevilla had win 3 Europa league on the trot. And are third in la liga.... We can beat atletico.... But i fear greizman.
  4. Same team.... Slim will get 40 mins to prove himself once okazaki has run himself into the ground. Gray on for Albrighton or mahrez last 20 mins
  5. Yeah i saw him not closing down and was screaming down the TV.... Didn't see Stowell reaction but was definitely understandable. Really makes me question Slimanis intelligence.
  6. 10s
  7. I'd fancy our chances again any of the Spanish teams ahead of the German lot or juventus. The Spanish might take their eye of the ball and we can sneak it plus if it's Barca or real Madrid it would be amazing fixture. Atletico if we want revenge. Of course if we get man city we've banked the semis for sure
  8. Hope the boys can keep the intensity up
  9. Play with intensity and pace and give them the respect of man city and Liverpool and we should have them in the same way
  10. High tempo.... Get some early goal... Then invite them on and devestate them on the counter ....Conserving energy for the onslaught late on
  11. We might have same problems as after the man city performance.... Hull will sit back deep, he dangerous from set pieces and maybe hit us when we counter. I expect we will have much more possession this game. Regardless, if we show same determination and start with the same tempo to setup the match.... I think we should with Easily. 3-0 vardy, mahrez and gray
  12. After tonight vardy and others like drinky will need a good rest this week... Then get them fired up to the same level they were tonight. The players shouldn't drop of their level of effort, commitment and determination.
  13. Still think it's worth having him on the pitch as it creates more space for others like vardy...As opposition have to cater for him and he can still produce that match winning difference. Also we do have alternative in gray he might soon deserve a start if mahrez continues to misfire
  14. He was brilliant for us today. By the age of 26 (kantes age)... He might be even better
  15. No, vardy hinted at it post match.... They were doing everything they were asked to do. Ranieri wanted to change too many things and changed our mentality too much. It became too Italian and less English. Too tactical... Too much training. Ranieri literally wanted them to run less... He even hinted at that last year. Although last year we had the perfect balance between tactics and using our spirit/determination