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  1. Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here for Kante. Oops!
  2. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see an expansion (even though I can't attend myself ). I just think some here are underestimating the likely cost compared with the club's income/profitability.
  3. How about some chants of "Riyad Mahrez we want you to stay", maybe a banner. You never know, he might prefer to stay if he feels loved.
  4. There's no excuse for high gate prices with TV money dwarfing the take anyway. The atmosphere generated by supporters is the lifeblood of the product they are selling worldwide. Eventually they'll kill the golden goose.
  5. The cost of stadiums seems to be huge now. I think Tottenham are spending ~ 600m pounds or more though presumably that's a much bigger bit of engineering compared with anything we'd contemplate. Nevertheless, we only made 27m pounds last season (I think?) so the cost of expansion is likely to dwarf that. Btw where on earth do Spurs get that sort of money from?
  6. Not sure Pep will appreciate the merits of hoofing into touch.
  7. I think it will depend who comes in for him.
  8. Very noticeable that Vardy and Shinji are pressing the goalkeeper and defenders harder when they have the ball, causing them to panic and ultimately lose possession. Under Claudio we just meekly dropped back. This was apparent immediately from the start of the Liverpool match onwards. That coupled with some delightful one touch play out from the back. Of cause there's still plenty of hoofing when they tire towards the end of matches as it isn't possible to keep up that level of effort for a whole match.
  9. Errr actually I didn't mean anyone, just could resist the wordplay. Sorry...
  10. Better that than infinitely infantile.
  11. Agree with the OP. If we win against Stoke & Sunderland we're on 36 points with 8 to play. It is inconceivable that we wouldn't get another 4 in the remains 8, so safety is pretty much assured. CL should then be the priority and Shakes can rest key players as he sees fit. Perhaps not play a full reserve team for Everton & CP though. Obviously if the first leg goes really badly and there isn't much to play for in the second, it might be better to go all out against CP. I don't like them and would like to see them relegated.
  12. Fantastic first 30, looking good the next 30, knackered for the last. Thank God we managed to see it out. Table looking much more comfortable now. Kasper man of the match. Benny did well, and Albrighton looks a changed man. Unfortunately haven't seen anything out of Musa or Slimani to warrant the money.
  13. Is that a debate about mathematics?
  14. Is it just me thinks Shinji had a really good game then? Spose I'll get the obligatory "yes" response.