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  1. I think people are getting a little carried away.
  2. Someone organise a march.
  3. looking forward to it more than i would've been if claudio was still in charge. gonna be interesting to see how we play.
  4. Apart from the obvious ones. When he nearly teared up after Sunderland Away.
  5. Yawn, getting boring now.
  6. Couldnt be arsed with the 2nd half, how did he play?
  7. But its perfectly fine when everyone applauds Hazard and sings him a song.
  8. It seems like Schmeichal vs the world
  9. Big fan already.
  10. Is he wrong?
  11. Agree with gary saying vardy should be horrible to play against again, we're so lightweight upfront.
  12. We have a £12 million player who cant even make the bench whilst King gets game time hahaha
  13. Lets be serious our back up defense wouldnt be good enough either
  14. If i knew how
  15. On the 3rd sub question he said "what substitution could i have made".