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  1. The problem is that what's best for the club and what's best for the country is completely opposite at the moment. Most people here believe in club over country. It isn't anything specifically against Algeria. If it was Vardy/Drinkwater currently away with England smack in the middle of a relegation battle season, I guarantee most here will be hoping for England to be knocked out asap. Personally I hope Algeria do well, I like seeing Mahrez happy. Unfortunately Algeria doing well would mean less time to recover and less time to get up to speed with the new signings prior to the Sevilla CL game.
  2. No but we signed two first choice Champions League players in the summer
  3. Slim's groin injury has flared up again at AFCON, not currently in full training
  4. Slim's buy out had expired months before that. We ended up paying more than his 30m release by 5m worth of bonuses
  5. Mahrez is away so we couldn't do it till mid Feb if we wanted as much of the title winning team as possible. Man City away maybe
  6. Probably saving him for Sat, it would be in Big Sam's best interests to get out of the cups asap
  7. Wasn't Silva and his agent all over their local news moaning about how Sporting were refusing to let him go? What was all that about. Did he sign an improved contract with Sporting afterwards?
  8. That's a bit worrying. Slimani seems to have a recurrent groin injury, is that playing up again? And do Algeria have any strikers left? Would Riyad end up playing CF?
  9. I want us to try 442 with the title winning team one last time, with Ndidi in for Kante. If it still doesn't work then let Oka go as we'll have to move to 433 or some other formation which doesn't fit him.
  10. Just says we're interested... which Moksky confirmed a few pages ago?
  11. No but they were in EL this year. He's not technically cup tied for CL, but we are only allowed to register 1 ex-EL player for the CL, and we've already got that in Ndidi. If we sign Nastasic, we have to pick which one player we want to register for the CL as we can't have both. Doubt we would drop Ndidi given that he's been MOTM or thereabouts in the 2 games he played so far. We may still want to sign Nastasic for PL relegation battle purposes without using him for CL, but the tweets suggest that mysteryman will be able to play CL.
  12. You needn't worry about that mate. I regularly eat yoghurt several days out of date and have never had any issues. Unless there's mould growing on it, or it smells/tastes off, it should be OK.
  13. If it is Sakho there's no way he'd take a 50% pay cut to come here, and we wouldn't pay his current wage, so there's no way this deal can work. I think our only current player who took a pay cut to come was Musa?
  14. The players sound like they've turned into Ranieri “It’s a disappointment because we played against a big team in Chelsea,” Mendy told LCFC TV after the game. “Chelsea played well but we conceded a goal in the first few minutes. It’s very difficult to react after the goal, so the team are not happy.” Despite the defeat, Mendy felt there were plus points to take from the game, as his side now prepare for a Premier League trip to Southampton on Sunday. The midfielder added: “It was difficult for us, but everything is not too bad. We will work hard this week for the next game. “This game is finished, so it’s important now to be concentrated for the next game. It’s important to make a big reaction.”
  15. We can only have 1 player who's played in the EL. We wouldn't be able to register both Nastasic and Ndidi for CL if that's the case. May not be him then