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  1. Kasper doesn't usually post much, plus he's accused everywhere of being the ringleader so will probably avoid the subject completely. I'd go for Fuchs
  2. nwilfred. Think the clip's gone now though as it's over 24 hours old. They were both giggling at it too.
  3. Really enjoying this stalking of players social media BTW, be interesting to see who cracks first I'm stalking Ndidi's snapchat, he usually posts a few times a day but he hasn't posted anything since a short clip of Slimani frantically colouring in an outline of an animal on a phone game, while waiting to board the flight back from Sevilla.
  4. dislocated his shoulder didn't he, probably can't type properly yet
  5. Guardian podcast, a few journos specifically named him... there was a long thread on here about it a while ago, before all the rumours started properly coming out
  6. I think Riyad's one of the few who still believed in Ranieri. Think he was the only one to post on social media congratulating Ranieri for his FIFA coach of the year award. Was also very complimentary about Claudio in interviews saying how he sought Claudio's advice. On the other hand, Riyad has the utmost respect for Kasper, who appears to be the ringleader, so...
  7. Meanwhile, expecting 442 counter attacking with a very similar team to last season. Okazaki behind Vardy. Ndidi and Gray in.
  8. Please don't. The owners have been annoyed by the reaction from certain fans, and have called for our trust in them. Sing the club's name instead.
  9. Speaking of which, Macia must still be with us as he wasn't mentioned in the club statement?
  10. We've had lots of journos confirming there's been many behind the scenes issues with Claudio, but has there been anything about issues with Rudkin? Genuine question
  11. Kasper sent to reserves... Zieler as new first choice GK? That will do wonders for a relegation battle.
  12. I'm actually finding myself feeling very pleased about this. I don't care if that's disloyal. There's suddenly hope in avoiding what was the inevitable slide towards relegation. Maybe we can even give Sevilla a decent game, when deserving in form players start and players understand their instructions. And no more dreary press conferences that contain nothing but empty praise for poor performances.
  13. Can we have Steve Walsh (scout) back please, promote him to manager.
  14. No. Players wanted him out due to poor tactical management, I'm not sure making them feel guilty about it via chants or tifos will help their performance on the pitch.
  15. But he's done nothing but lose this season?? though seriously, he's just received a huge severance pay packet, and undoubtedly also has a million job offers as the reigning fifa coach of the year..