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  1. I don't think he was specifically saying 'I told you so' (although I personally don't rate Kante that much either). Although, it has become instantly fashionable overnight for the entire football fan community to call Kante a fraud... when they were calling him a definite POTY winner 24 hrs ago
  2. I'd like to see us develop our club identity long term around our style of play as this high energy, high press, counter attacking football. None of this transitioning into trying to keep more possession rubbish. Shakey has shown that maybe the PL didn't actually 'work out' how to handle this style of play after all. I think having a distinctly different style of play keeps us in good stead when it comes to recruiting players we want to fit in our team, if they feel that our style of play would fit them perfectly. E.g if Ndidi leaves, we might be a more attractive proposition than the top 6 clubs to any beastly tackling DMs looking to move to the PL. Even for any other players we're after in general, thanks to our PL and CL exploits, we're now the biggest PL name apart from the top 6, and it will remain so for a few years from now at least. Good base to kick on from.
  3. WTF!
  4. Shinji always sounds so miserable on social media....
  5. Pretty sure Silva will still be keen to come, and his attitude would fit our team spirit ethos. However slightly concerned that Silva might be a sick note. Had knee surgery at the start of the season, then got a muscle injury, out for a month... Then got another knee injury mid Feb that he's still recovering from, out for 2 months (till mid April). Discount on damaged goods perhaps?
  6. Well, Claudio certainly won't be graciously accepting his fair share of blame, as he's still trying to land another PL job in the summer I suspect Claudio's doing this to raise his profile up for his future managerial prospects, as Shakey's success has very quickly buried talk of him. Can't see why else he would specially volunteer to be a pundit (!?) for a random PL game specifically on a show that has shown extreme support for him...
  7. 2 days before the Atletico game. Probably will say something like 'that's football, good luck to my boys'. Whatever he says, I hope it doesn't have any impact on the boys mentalities for the Atletico game.
  8. Went out of his way to give his left leg to us. How lovely
  9. He probably just liked the fanart tbh.. The comments on the post are full of Algerians posting photoshopped (and non-photoshopped) pics of him in Barca kit
  10. I liked Slimani against Sevilla for his one touch link up play and his defensive header from a Sevilla cross in our box right at the end. His anticipation, movement and jumping when headering crosses is top notch, but he can't seem to judge the flight of long balls anywhere near as well, and can't seem to stay onside.
  11. Riyad just posted this randomly today WHAT DOES IT MEAN?? Answer: probably nothing
  12. Very reliable Nigerian sources have reported Ndidi is on 20k a week. I'm pretty sure when Chilwell signed his new deal there was talk about that being 20k a week as well. I would think that figure is probably our standard wage for U21 first teamers?
  13. Picking and choosing individual transfers to compare fees with doesn't really work. Most transfer fees will be either too high or too low compared to the mystical 'market value', but you won't know which it is until the player has joined to see whether they are any good or not. Pogba cost 90m, surely Ndidi would currently be valued at least 60m based on that? I personally think 12m for Schlupp and 12m for Gray is about right for my idea of 'market value', and Everton overpaid for Lookman/Bolasie, but our opinion doesn't matter, a player's market value is simply what clubs are willing to pay for them. And I'm not convinced there'll be too many clubs willing to pay 12m for Gray.
  14. Simpson must really really love Dubai, just finished having a holiday there, came back played 2 games, and went back there for another holiday
  15. Looking into it yesterday, and reading about the situations at his previous clubs, Kasper (and his agent) tends to drive a hard bargain on contract negotiations but he believes in fully honouring his full contract once it's signed. First team playing time is what matters to him, not the club's stature or money. He's spent 2/3rds of his career here and is clearly genuinely passionate about this team and the club. I'm convinced he ain't going anywhere. (and I'll lump on money on that in the summer when the speculation intensifies and the odds are better)