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  1. Mendy is clearly a Ranieri signing. There is enough info out there to know that. Slimani may have been scouted by Walsh, but not signed under him. We don't know if at that point we were revisiting an old list. (Wague had been scouted years back also), he could have been picked as a good signing back in our first season when we wanted a big man option and he'd have cost £10m... would he have agreed with £30m? He was available for less than that if we'd matched his buy out clause before it expired. There was something that never felt right with that transfer and the links to him.
  2. You read the Jonathon Northcroft book? It touches on how we believed in the sharing of information and outlines the thought processes.
  3. The thread has already been through this and yes there is a credible argument for not giving them the exposure they crave.
  4. I don't know what to think really, they all seemed more than happy with 352 when it worked at the end of the first season. Ranieri never really gave any other formation a REAL try. If your other alternative is 433, give it a go and stick with it. Don't go 442,433,442 diamond, 352 and back to 442. If you have players reluctant to change, then doing that is just going to make them question you even more. I think it got to the point they didn't trust his decisions and that's why they were reluctant. I think someone who they buy into, who has a coherent plan can get something else from them.
  5. That extra £150k will make all the difference... I mean, it's not like they made nearly £75m from the champions league already or anything.
  6. This they have been for every game so far haven't they, because of the pricing and us releasing the extra tickets in the corner near the away fans.
  7. Gone up a fiver haven't they? Sure mine was £40 for the last one.
  8. Yeah course they are... thanks for your contribution.
  9. Lets get this right, the only thing I've done is say there have been times when he has actually done ok. I've also been pretty clear there have been plenty of times that he's been woeful. I've posted one game above where he created three clear cut chances. That was posted to counter the nonsense that gets put on here where people clearly go over the top. Why would I drop someone now they are performing well? If you want to rewind a few games though where Mahrez, Albrighton, Vardy were performing equally as poorly, yeah I'd have dropped them and tried him. But I doubt it would have done much good as we were playing under someone who clearly couldn't get the best out of them anymore. Firstly, nobody has an issue with people fairly discussing how he's played, no matter how badly. What people have a problem with is someone being written off. Every single player was performing badly, clearly affected by either Ranieri and his poor tactics, or by the fact nobody believed in him any more and they didn't want to play for him. If proven performers are playing like dog muck, then it's basic common sense that Musa could also have been affected by exactly the same things. That's undeniable. As the last few months have shown, have they? That's really what you've taken away from the last few months and not just bad management. Our usually performing players were absolute muck all season, clearly this season has been nothing to do with "passengers", but something else entirely. As for "proven", if you want to base your entire opinion on players based around a period where nobody proved themselves. Then that's up to you, but it's not your money and it's not your investment on the line. The club, on the other hand will want to be sure and anyone with any logical thought will notice how bad everyone had been playing and not just the new signings. Why can't we give people time? There will be other holes coming up in the squad this summer that can be filled with new players should we wish to. Should we have sold DD because he didn't perform the first season in the prem, or Vardy until the last run of games... remember people being happy to sell him to West Brom? We gave them time, there was no need to rush to flog them off, just as there isn't now. Selling at a massive loss and paying half his wages for another three years would be the very last option and not the one you taken when there is massive question mark sat above everyone's heads about why they were under performing.
  10. Condolences. I go with the light hearted angle if it's the right person... "I stole these from your garden..." finishing with the serious bit.
  11. I know someone who lives and works in Brighton who marked themselves as safe
  12. Probably depends on what you listen to or watch etc I suppose. Personally I thought the fact the football last night started with 5 minutes of reaction, letting us know what Lee Dixon thought of the incident and then asking the manager about it and then making comments about the players dealing with the incident was ridiculous. It's go to the point people are seemingly scared of people potentially pointing and saying "they don't care..... look how much they don't care.... WE CARE MORE THAN YOU!!!!!".
  13. Well they blew that considering they got less then.
  14. Exactly. Yeah he's been utter dog turd at other times, but I just hate people making out he's incapable of anything. He's clearly a confidence player, you don't go from someone willing to run at people to someone wanting to just get rid of the ball at the first opportunity if you aren't.