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  2. top teams drawn against each other! The draw is opening up
  3. As a fan nothing beats going to Wembley for the first/second/third times for the play-offs/league cup finals but tonight could be one of those special European knockout nights I've always dreamed of, after Atletico and Red Star disappointments. Can't wait
  4. Is biggest defined by the money or the world wide attention/kudos? Personally think it's the later and that's why to me it's way bigger than the play-off final.
  5. It depends if we which case it won't be our biggest for long. As a one off knock out game in the last 16 of world's top club competition it has to be right up there..
  6. Ndidi-esque
  7. Lalo Schifrin (also love Bullit) John Barry Clint "poppie" Mansell (resurrected from Sky Sports overkill)
  8. Ennio Morricone, of course the western's but this is a personal favourite
  9. Martin Scorsese is the master of putting film to of the best scenes not to feature Gimmie Shelter.
  10. Ooh Tommy Wright is available after the bungs sting.. Rooster Russell was a number 2 at Posh..Garry Parker also, Gary Mills at York City...
  11. The owners>push the button The players>it's time to...
  12. Where Ranieri and the players have been this season..
  13. "if you have to let me down my friend then kick me to the floor"
  14. Et tu @Foxin_mad?
  15. Anyone else actually pleased Wycombe lost it? CEEFAX SO MUCH TO ANSWER FOR!