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  1. Looking for 2 or 3 if anyone has any spares. Will be in london on the day too in event of last minute cancellations, cheers lads
  2. If Jeffrey Scores We're on the pitch....
  3. If we had just given £15m to Kante instead of buying Musa..................
  4. Let's be honest our defence was never really good - we actually used to score some goals which used to deflect the attention! We have currently no striking options. Hope Slimani is ready to get stuck in...
  5. I don't understand. We're losing and Southampton are STILL attacking. Do we know where our goal is?!
  6. All is not lost. Remember last season. take Ndidi or Mendy off and stick on Albrighton to give a bit more balance & allow drinky to get stuck in the middle. 45 Mins of concentrate please.
  7. 4-1-2-3 ? Mendy sitting in in front of back 4?
  8. True. But bar the Man City game we've scored 3 goals in the last 6 premier league games. Hopefully someone can step up & help Vardy out...
  9. When we went to Stamford Bridge in October we played with Hernandez, Schlupp, Amartey & Musa all in the starting XI - playing 4-4-2 - I remember in the crowd there was so much expectation that day. I think although the personnel was better today the balance wasn't right, with Ndidi, Mendy and Chilwell all trying to settle in - there's too much chopping & changing - at the same time Chelsea were on top form today. I think our pre-season was also crap - trips playing in Scotland/USA/Sweden shouldn't have been a time for us to show off - we should have worked out our first team THEN - not STILL trying to discover it in January & I think this is many fans' frustration. Nobody is expecting us to finish top 4 - but we had such an amazing opportunity in the summer to build on the platform on which we built. The alarming thing is we've lost our hunger and 'fighting for our lives spirit'. One can only hope that the super cars, long contracts, wage increases/bonuses haven't gone to the players head. You saw today that Chelsea's front 3 looked so comfortable together and had so much movement - I wonder what our front 3 do in training- I can't remember the last time we cut open a defence - do we ever work on set peices anymore?
  10. E I E I E I O up the football league we go...
  11. Long shot - but If anyone has 2/3 spares this would be appreciated. Will be in London on the day anyway - thanks!
  12. Kante Beleive That!
  13. Looking for 2-3 tickets for this- travelling to London on the day so will happily take last minute cancellations. PM if available, Cheers!
  14. Looking for 2-3 tickets for this game. Can meet in Leicester or London.. Please PM me thanks