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  1. Orange Tree in Loughborough and then parcel yard when we get off train in Leicester. Same everytime.
  2. I recently bought player by nixon. Dam smart. In black ceramic.
  3. Veggie fingers and ketchup sandwich
  4. Sixth form assembly. Bubble and squeak for breakfast. Sitting on a plastic chair. Smoke in the air afterwards.
  5. Done
  6. Seems to be some boro tix available today . I managed to get some.
  7. Long shot I know but looking for 2 adult tix (together) for the boro game. Can pick up this Saturday. Thanks.
  8. I thought family fox had been rolled into gold?
  9. I got 2 together at the back of c2. Wanted a2 tho. LL.
  10. Ticket office told me that packages for members will be released around the 25th. So after the draw.
  11. Was looking earlier and some singles available in East stand. Also came back with 2 seats together spanning j2 and j3 which I did not get.
  12. Does anybody remember Peggy's?
  13. Used to be the griffin and paget in my sixth form days. Every Friday after 5 a side in the tech college. Now it's the orange tree for cocktails before getting a train to Leicester on match days.
  14. Not charity shield related, but does anybody know when arsenal tickets are released? Gotta be soon right??