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  1. SOLD. Quoted as edit button didn't come up.
  2. 2x available for this if anyone is interested. I am going so willing to meet at the ground.
  3. Looking for 2x Liverpool at home as once again missed out on membership due to work commitments and time release of the tickets. Wiling to trade Southampton tickets. PM me if you can hell. Thanks
  4. Yeah mendy would easily slot in to the the squad it was just a general idea to see formation.
  5. What about 3-4-1-2? Try something new? Kasper Simpson-Morgan- Huth Gray-Ndid-Drinkwater-Alrbrighton Okazaki Vardy-Ulloa Strengthened when African cup of nations is over.
  6. He has a good few good moments to be fair (a few) Bolton at home a couple years back, spurs away in the cup, some how managed to convert that thanks to the goalkeeper and Norwich I think as well.
  7. Looks like it's going to be the Friday then, just need the club to announce it, which I presume they will today at some point.
  8. Will have 2 available (once reaches my membership) if anyone wants them. PM me..
  9. Not sure if said on here yet but just read the fixture is now on the Friday the 27th and due to be announced later this evening. Maybe just rumoured as also speculation of Man United v Wigan on the Friday too.
  10. Do you need tickets for any of them mate?
  11. Apparently there is a chance of us getting 5,300 tickets but can't seem it more like 4,500?
  12. Will be selling 2 tickets, can change age groups if needed. Would prefer to meet up at a game before Burnley if possible. PM if wanting
  13. Definitely won't even sell out I don't think
  14. 2x Burnley away tickets available PM me if wanted
  15. I have (available): 1x Middlesbrough away 1x Everton away 2x southampton away PM me if anyone is interested in any of these, need to know about the Middlesbrough ticket asap if wanted.