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  1. Looking for 2x Stoke for a friend, would really appreciate the help. Cheers
  2. Anyone know when we will find out about the rearranged arsenal game?
  3. Hi mate are these still available
  4. Just realised posted this in the wrong thread
  5. Last time I checked these were on general mate
  6. Looking for an under 18 Hull at home ticket if anyone has one spare. Thank you.
  7. To be honest I don't get how anyone can criticise what team anyone puts on this thread, because no one can say what our best team is. Plus it's a cup game so I am happy to try out new combinations and squad.
  8. Feel like if ulloa got consecutive game time he will show us what he did in the great escape season, I do think he will pop up with some vital goals but like you say when the naughty step beckons...
  9. Anyone for this, would love to see ulloa start. Was just a theory to see what people think, if not ulloa then Musa...
  10. VERY risky
  11. Looking for 2/3 Hull at home tickets if anybody is not going to this, would pay face value. Would really appreciate the help for a mate!
  12. Would like 2 for this for a mate who isn't on here. Would be willing to pay face value obviously
  13. I am not going to this so will have 2 available if wanted, although can't see selling out.
  14. 2x Swansea away for next week avaialable if anyone wants them. However I will probably have to meet you at the ground. PM me.
  15. Looking for 2 United at home or a mate who isn't on here, would really appreciate the help, cheers.
  16. Got 2 for this if anyone needs them? Will have to meet at the ground though...
  17. Their home form is amazing so will definitely take a point now. Can't see us winning. Can't make it to this due to work but went the other year when won 1-0 once Burnley had missed that penalty, was pivatol in us staying, atmosphere was great. Unfortunately got United after this gonna be a hard week.
  18. Vardy needs the ball into feet and we seem to be playing long ball quite a bit , it's ok the odd few balls over the top for him to chase down but balls need to go into feet as well. Also like other people are saying fame and fortune have gone to his head which you can't really fault him for what he's achieved but he needs to leave that behind for 90'minutes
  19. Wolves or Arsenal away for me
  20. Yeah would I f*** buy one of those. They'll be told where to stick it
  21. Saw today a couple of times Morgan trying to bring the ball forward and then ended up trying the long ball when it was too late instead of playing it out wide to begin with or just playing the long ball to begin with. Maybe just me overthinking it.
  22. Anyone else think that Morgan looks a carbon copy to the 2014/15 season. The great escape season if you like. He is making the same kind of the mistakes in defence. When we brought Huth in, in that January them 2 clicked as we know. So I don't know maybe try Morgan with a new partner, Keane from Burnley I don't know but someone else. They need to go back to basics like last season. Old style defending getting the ball straight out as soon as it comes into contact instead of taking a touch or two and trying to play out into midfield.
  23. Saw it reach general so thought it wouldn't but good
  24. Anyone know if this is a sell out? I'm guessing it's not for a Sunday at 12. We really need a performance tomorrow as they are struggling as well.
  25. SOLD. Quoted as edit button didn't come up.