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  1. Drnikwater wasn't at his best but didn't expect to be the worst player here. Shinji keeps being underrated.
  2. Only player who has TWO dedicated threads slagging him off. LOL.
  3. As I said 6 for Mahrez, I obviously wasn't serious. But I expected people like you to give him this kind of rating, although he was one of the bests on the pitch.
  4. I'd start Gray over Mahrez or at least sub him off at the 55-60 Minute. He's knackered. DD and Vardy need a break too. Hopefully we'll wrap the game in the first half or hour.
  5. I'm afraid for Gray. He didn't get any minute since Shakey took over. If it goes on and a good club makes a bid for the summer, he's gone.
  6. If Vardy's injured Slim will play instead. Musa doesn't fit at all. Too clumsy for a winger, too lightweight for a striker. He's barred on the wings by Gray and up front by Ulloa and Slim. I really, really doubt he'll be there next season.
  7. Is he thinking about his manager career in England and already covering for himself?
  8. I don't think the comparison is any way appropriate. With relatively limited ressources and in a few years, Simeone has set-up an extremely well organized team of warriors, with an iron discipline, not afraid to play ugly when they must, defending to the last man and where the collective is placed above everthing else. Beautiful football is not their thing. They're putting every year an even fight against the two colossus Real and Barca, who have no equivalent in the Premier League and didn't finish below third. Won the Europa League the first season Simeone and twice Champions league finalist in the last three years. Couldn't be further than Arsenal.
  9. Nah, we were dead tired anyway. Mahrez was about to pass out. Same for Vardy, Shinji and Drinky.
  10. No, you can't. The match against West ham was a fair warning and we were lucky (Kasper) to get away with the win. Player rotation is mandatory.
  11. Atletico are though nut. Don't pay attention to the table, they're a cut above Sevilla. Very good players, Griezmann is one of the top ten best strikers in the world and Simeone a master tactician. Difficult tie but so are the others.
  12. Cheap shot. The guy is gone this summer, no need to bash him.
  13. Asking some people in this forum to appreciate Mahrez's worth is a bit like asking a caveman to judge a painting of Monet.
  14. I think he's even better than last season. He's like a good wine and becomes better with time.
  15. Good post. I got the chills today when he nonchalently chiped the ball against a defender instantly followed by a step over and a through pass to Vardy (which sadly didn't reach him). That's football. That's why people pay to see a game. That's why we can't judge this kind of players by the miles they ran. I hope he'll stay for one more season.