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  1. Don't use a free option. If hiring a web developer is out of the question, use a CMS like Wordpress or a 'drag and drop' website maker like Squarespace.
  2. They look really well done, but please tell me the middle one's lines are level with the head rest, and it's just my eyes messing it up.
  3. Slimani links up very well with Mahrez, we've seen that over the last games, he was vital to get the clear cut chance to Vardy (which he sent into orbit). Players often have a lacklustre first season, there is no reason at all to assume he can't be better than this. We aren't playing to his strengths either. It would be nice if once he comes on to take over from Vardy, our style changes to swinging crosses into him rather than the long ball over the top.
  4. Wanted to post this quick stat: He made more tackles (11) today than Kante did in any game last season, and only Kante has made more tackles in a game this season.
  5. Almost the exact team that played so well last season. Let's see what they're made of.
  6. Looking 4-4-2 to me.
  7. Didn't see Ulloa, Slimani or Okazaki in the pre-match pictures or video of the players arriving. Benny's there at least. Musa arrived though.
  8. Shakey expects Ulloa and Slimani to both be fit for Monday.
  9. Sky has Mancini at 11/10 right now.