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  1. On a serious note, at some stage we'll be moving away from the Champions of England song (I still like the 5000-1 version), and it would be nice to immortalise Ranieri into a song to look back on. As others have alluded to, United have 20 times, Arsenal when they won at white had lane. To Iwan is a welshman: I'll always remember, When Leicester won the league. When Vardy broke the record, And Mahrez ruled supreme. They said we couldn't do it, Ranieri dared to dream, We're the famous Leicester City and we won the Premier League.
  2. I don't think we've been loved recently. As soon as the season started people wanted to see Leicester fall from grace. They wanted to prove it was a one off. But when that suddenly comes to fruition and Ranieri goes, they say we have no patience and are fickle. I almost preferred it when no-one cared about Leicester. It reminds me of when the media turned last year after the West Ham game, calling us cheats, saying we had lost it without Vardy and suddenly were our best mates after the Swansea game and that they never doubted us!
  3. Spurs at home is also likely to move should Spurs progress at home to Millwall.
  4. Mysteriously sold out last night, shortly after the final whistle...
  5. From the Arsenal website, seem to think midweek end April or mid May. Further information regarding our currently undated fixtures, against Leicester City and Southampton, is likely to be announced after the FA Cup quarter-finals have been played. We are likely to be playing in midweek fixtures in the weeks commencing April 24 and May 15, but the exact fixture details are not yet known.
  6. As expected this has now been postponed. Can't imagine we'll know a date until after the second legs of UCL have been played to see when we'll both be free mid-week.
  7. Both tickets will be adults tickets - family section is not enforced at Champions League games - you normally cannot buy them online for this reason but you will be fine against Sevilla.
  8. Sorry - completely misread the question! Thought original question was if we won.
  9. Nothing to do with this fixture - QFs are scheduled for 11th March - affecting only the Arsenal (a) game.
  10. No, all sales start online at 9am as well these days.
  11. Yes, don't think we've been allocated the full lower tier but have at least 4 blocks.
  12. It almost certainly won't make it to gold members.
  13. Tickets flying now - this will be sold out tomorrow.
  14. For all everyone was talking about Millwall kicking off, we're already fighting internally over reserved seating
  15. Clearly he's not having enough chances created for him. This was the bit I found most interesting: Would you be surprised to find out Jamie Vardy's conversion rate is actually better this season than it was during the title campaign? Vardy scored 24 Premier League goals in 2015-16, form that saw him named Football Writers' Footballer of the Year and shortlisted for the Ballon d'Or and Fifa's own player of the year award. This season he has only five league goals, three of which came in one game against Manchester City, and has scored in only one league game since 10 September - a run of 17 matches. But he is actually more clinical this year. 2015-16 2016-17 Excludes penalties Chance conversion rate (%) 22 24 Big chance conversion rate (%) 42 44 The problem, it seems, is he is simply not getting the chances. This season, on average, he gets one opportunity every two matches, whereas last season it was more than one per game. Vardy after 24 games of last season and this season 2015-16 2016-17 Goals 18 (ranked 1st in PL) 5 (21st) Shots (inc blocks) 78 (3rd)