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  1. He always responds with a 'not sure'.
  2. The club are on it now! Haha.
  3. I do agree to an extent - Huth vs Spurs was a wonderful goal in it's own right, but wouldn't win any awards for beauty.
  4. Best goal could cover all manner of basis - Huth's goal in question is great because it is well worked, whereas Walsh vs Derby/Morgan vs Sevilla due to importance of the goal. Goals of the month/season vary, but often are either well worked or stunning. I remember one of my favourite all time premier league goals being Jack Wilshere against Norwich - not important but beautiful and a team goal. Whereas if you look back to that infamous December 2006 GOTM for the Premier League and pretty much every goal was a screamer!
  5. Which of course raises the question - best goal scored by a defender for Leicester? Asides from Morgan's groin obviously.
  6. Broadly a £5 price increase for most areas.
  7. Full ticket details for Leicester City’s UEFA Champions League Quarter-Final home leg clash against Atletico Madrid have now been confirmed. Following the thrilling Last-16 success over FC Sevilla, the Foxes continue their European exploits against Diego Simeone’s La Liga giants at the Vicente Calderon on Wednesday 12 April before later welcoming them to Leicester City Stadium on Tuesday 18 April. HOME FIXTURE Leicester City vs. Atletico Madrid Tuesday 18 April, 2017 (KO 7.45pm GMT) Leicester City Stadium Ticket Prices: image: Please note that the wheelchair spaces in the West Stand will be priced at £15 plus a FREE Companion. Any supporter who is located in the front row in the North Stand, South Stand and West Stand will be charged a flat rate of £25 (unless their concession price is lower). These are due to the possibility of restricted views of the near pitch as a result of the advertising boards required by UEFA and/or media. Selling Arrangements: On-sale dates Season Ticket Holders – 2pm on Monday 27 March Gold Members – 9am on Tuesday 4 April Silver Members – 9am on Wednesday 5 April City Members – 9am on Thursday 6 April General Sale - 9am on Friday 7 April Please note, as per the previous UEFA Champions League home fixtures, the UEFA Champions League Cup Scheme will not be running for this fixture. The deadline for Season Ticket Holders to purchase their own seat is 6pm on Monday 3 April, after which time these seats will be released for sale to Members. Tickets for the home fixture for Season Ticket Holders will be on sale until 1pm on Saturday 1 April due to City’s Premier League clash with Stoke City. Tickets will then be made available to purchase after the final whistle for a period of 45 minutes. Please note, there will be NO sales via the City Sales Centre for Season Ticket Holders on Sunday 2 April. All supporters purchasing tickets will receive a paper ticket for this fixture. All tickets shall be sold on the basis of one ticket per Season Ticket or Membership. All Member sales periods are subject to availability. Seat Relocations: Due to competition requirements to facilitate an increased number of UEFA’s broadcast and commercial partners for the Quarter Final stage, the Club is mandated to alter its seating configuration in some parts of the stadium. Unfortunately this will mean that the availability of seats regularly used by some Season Ticket Holders will be affected. Those affected Season Ticket Holders will be contacted directly and given notice of an exclusive window in which they can relocate to a different part of Leicester City Stadium. This window will be open between 9am on Friday 24 March and 2pm on Monday 27 March. Only those Season Ticket Holders who are required to relocate will have access to alternative seats that are not currently occupied by other Season Ticket Holders. All other Season Ticket Holders will have access to their regular seat only. Unfortunately, those affected Season Ticket Holders who are subject to such relocation will not be able to purchase their tickets online. You will need to visit the City Fanstore in person or by contacting the City Sales Centre on the number below by 6pm on Monday 3 April. Please note, UEFA will notify the Club by Friday 24 March of their requirements for this fixture. As a result, we anticipate at this stage that the following seats may be affected – this may be subject to change however once we receive confirmation from UEFA by 24 March. Areas of the stadium affected by relocation: First Floor Seating Area Rows Q to EE; seats 110-153 Rows Q to U; seats 188-221 Rows V to BB; seats 188-229 Rows CC to MM; seats 188-222 Block A1 Row JJ to KK; seats 34-49 Row LL to MM; seats 34-50 Block A2 Rows A to B; seats 27-80 Rows C to D; seats 28-80 Rows E to F; seats 29-80 Row G; seats 30-80 Rows H to J; seats 31-80 Rows K to L; seats 32-80 Rows M to N; seats 51-80 Rows P to DD; seats 51-79 Rows EE to MM; seats 51-79 Block B1 Rows A to H; seats 100-123 Block B2 Row E; seats 156-164 Row N; seats 185-187 Pitchside seats/spaces; 37-39 Block C1 Rows A to K; seats 261-301 Row L; seats 261-290 Row M; seats 261-301 Rows N to MM; seats 261-290 Block C2 Row HH; seats 292-300 Rows JJ to KK; seats 292-307 Rows LL to MM; seats 291-307 Block SK4 Rows LL to MM; seats 9-28 Block H1 Rows GG to LL; seats 148-175 Row MM; 148-158 Row NN; 152-156 Block J1 Rows GG to LL; seats 178-205 Block J2 Rows GG to LL; seats 209-238 Block J3 Rows GG to LL; seats 241-268 South Stand and North Stand pitchside wheelchair positions: *Season Ticket Holders on the First Floor will also be given the opportunity to purchase a Hospitality package for this fixture. Please note, UEFA may return some of their ticket allocation back to the Club in the week prior to the fixture. Should a suitable number be returned in good time, relevant Season Ticket Holders will be contacted and given the opportunity to switch back to their regular section (if they have purchased tickets which are not for their regular seat) on a first-come-first-served basis. While the Club will exercise its best endeavours in this regard, access to tickets returned by UEFA cannot be guaranteed due to the short timeframe involved. Hospitality: Places will initially be available on a basis of one per Seasonal Hospitality package held, or Sevilla FC package purchased, until the sales process reaches General Sale. - Wednesday 22 March – On sale to all Seasonal Hospitality clients and those that purchased a hospitality package for the Sevilla FC home fixture. (Seasonal Hospitality Clients seats are held until 5pm on Friday 24 March). - Thursday 23 March – General Sale Please contact our Hospitality team on 0344 815 5000 (Option 2) if you are interested in purchasing a hospitality package for the Atletico Madrid home fixture. Car Parking: Car parking for the Atletico Madrid match is located on Filbert Street and at Leicester City Stadium's car park. Seasonal Car Park Holders will be able to purchase a parking space from Friday 24 March until Monday 3 April. These will be charged at £17 per space. Car Parking for Supporters with Disabilities will be charged at £10 per space. Please note car parking is very limited and these will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis. You can purchase your car parking space in person at the City Fanstore or by phoning the City Sales Centre on 0344 815 5000 (Option 1). Opening Hours: The City Fanstore is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 5pm and Sunday 10am to 4pm. The City Sales Centre is open Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm, Saturday 9am to 3pm (closed Sunday).
  8. I think the main issue people may have with your posts is that if you don't like it, you don't have to use it. I can't see a situation in my lifetime where entire football stadiums are turned into safe standing. At an early stage this would just be sections. At present, you have a choice as to whether or not to sit or stand, and you choose to sit. You can still do this with the introduction of safe standing terraces. At present, those that wish to safely stand together do not have that choice. It will also prevent situations whereby at present people who want to stand are annoying those that don't, whereas if this was introduced, if you want to stand, you can feel free to do so in a designated area. Everyone wins.
  9. Single seats for stoke just released in B3.
  10. I see their priorities are in order...
  11. More available on the website.
  12. Yes - all games except champions league aways.
  13. Buy a palace ticket on Friday and you'll be bumped up to 165+ and also have a cracking day out at Selhurst!