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  1. I'll miss Genie, and her see through tops.
  2. I just figured I was the only one playing it over here and that every match I was playing some kid in Japan. I'll have to give it another go. I hadn't tried the online since not long after the release.
  3. Happy for both Lincoln and Sutton. Always love seeing the little guys make a run.
  4. I like PES, although I've played more Fifa of late. For a stand alone offline match, I still find PES the better game. One thing thats big for me is I love the end to end(vertical) camera on it. So much more satisfying when you score. With FIFA that view is brutal and always causes framerate issues, so it's unplayable. MyClub blows compared to HUT. What was Konami thinking with that auction system? Lol. Still find PES online too laggy.
  5. Was listed on a lot of folks top 10 lists here. I never got around to watching it, but I'm sure I will, eventually.
  6. Anyone here watched Borderline? Just caught the first episode on Netflix. Had a few good laughs. I only see six episodes listed.
  7. You're better off
  8. I play it a lot, but mostly offline. I also like just doing seasons.
  9. Sorry, I'm so used to reading FUT posts lol. Good job anyway
  10. Some nice chemistry there for sure!
  11. At least it was a better match than the one at Anfield.
  12. Ibra with the header. 1-1
  13. Loving The Flaming Lips new album "Oczy Mlody".
  14. Sorry, once and awhile I default into Yankee speak
  15. Milner puts Liverpool up 1-0 on the PK after Pogba's handball.