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  1. Had a discussion about this at work today with my co-worker. Being from an English father, there was only one tea to me and it has milk in it. She always makes fun of my tea, but that's just how I've I've always made it. I just call it regular tea. She drinks this blueberry stuff that makes our lunchroom smell like vomit. .
  2. Bolivia up 1-0 on Argentina. Goal was by Juan Arce.
  3. I love chips with ketchup if it's with a burger. Chips with gravy if it's with chicken, but with fish it has to be salt and vinegar. I don't know what scraps are? That's what we feed to the dog here. When my parents gave me mushy peas, I wrapped them in my serviette and tossed 'em. Haddock or halibut for me.
  4. Netherlands have sacked coach Danny Blind in the wake of their World Cup qualifying loss to Bulgaria. The Dutch Football Association (KNVB) has called time on the former defender's reign after only 20 months and 18 matches.
  5. Scored 100th goal with Vardy. Was a beauty! Happy it was in an online match that I won 2-0.
  6. Keane was excellent. I don't understand not using all 3 subs in a match like this.
  7. Happy Mother's Day to all the mums!
  8. Love the look of the new wider tyres.
  9. We did this 2 weeks ago. You lads are fuch'n slow! That being said, I'm glad when you guys switch. I get messed up on footy times otherwise
  10. Another huge away win for Notts at Wycombe today. Ameobi's goal was the difference. 13 points clear now of relegation and 13 points out of a playoff spot!
  11. Based on his driving so far, that might be right lol.
  12. Just hoping our kid Stroll can finish the race.