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  1. Well, that's a bummer.
  2. Wow my stream is like 2 or 3 minutes behind lol. Great stuff!
  3. Gabbi!
  4. Beautifully worked goal.
  5. That should have been a goal for Soton.
  6. Shocked to hear that
  7. Go Saints!
  8. I was usually the guy on the ground. That's why I'm saying "stop hitting me!".
  9. Put a pie at both posts and he'll cover that goal.
  10. Hopefully Burnley can get something here, despite their away form.
  11. I had Norwich as a pick to go back up. They got off to a flying start, then a horrible patch, but have been playing better of late.
  12. My stream went by the wayside for a minute so I missed the penalty call. Good save by Green.
  13. Terrible by Wednesday there lol. Good for Wood!