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  1. He's a striker who has failed to score in what, 22 of his last 23 games? He definitely needs to be dropped.
  2. I'd have no confidence in him doing a good job at all without Walsh handing him good players, and even with Walsh I'd be very unsure. I mean, did you not see the total and utter shambles he made of the Derby job? He took a team who were on table topping form and immediately dumped them into the relegation zone. Since he left the exact same team is 3rd in the form rankings. Pearson was getting them relegated. It ranks as one of the worst managerial performances in English professional football history. And then he punched the owner in the face and got himself sacked. Man's head is shot to bits. Some confidence? Absolutely no confidence whatsoever.
  3. Speak for yourself. I thought it was a good appointment. I think people are being a bit ambitious expecting the likes of Mancini and Hiddink, we'll struggle to attract any big name like that imo. Be careful what you wish for.
  4. Kaspar and defence all deserve their clean sheet, 7's Ndidi 6 - decent, great potential Drinkwater 4 - looks lost at the moment Mahrez 6 - a couple of good efforts Albrighton 5 Gray 3 - some potential but he shouldn't be starting games Vardy 3 - well out of sorts, shouldn't be starting games
  5. Just ignore him mate. He allegedly works for a company hired to manage people's online reputation. Every single post he makes is praising Nigel Pearson. Two and two together.
  6. They didn't look dangerous going forward at all imo, they had two legitimate shots on target all night. That's quite poor for a home team. They moved the ball about well and we didn't but this Leicester team has never been about possession as everybody knows. You can't start complaining about lack of quality possession now after we won the bloody league without it last season. Clearly that's not the problem. Again, I'm not saying we played particularly well, we didn't, but we weren't much worse than Burnley and that's perfectly reflected in the fact that neither team scored a legitimate goal and they only had two shots on target to our five.
  7. They had three shots on target in the whole game, one of them was the goal which shouldn't have stood. That's not a battering by any definition. They had slightly more possession like everyone we played last season and this season did and does. Possession means nothing. Chances and goals mean everything. They had very, very few good chances and scored zero legitimate goals. I'm not saying we were the better side, just that it was fairly even. With the greatest of respect, don't waste your time replying because I don't care for your relentless negativity. The above is my opinion on the game and nothing you or anyone else says will change it.
  8. We weren't good by any stretch but neither were Burnley. They didn't deserve to score, we didn't either, should have been 0-0, hence it was a fairly even game. I know you're part of the 'full on rage and massive emotional meltdown at every single opportunity crew', but I prefer a bit of rationality on my toast, thank you.
  9. Thought it was an even game and we deserved our away draw and clean sheet. Shame we got done by a blatant handball. When your luck's not in, it's not in. Burnley are a team in the image of their manager - whiney, gimpy bunch of nerds, feels horrible to have lost to that shower.
  10. Defended well tonight, undone by a clear handball, shame.
  11. I think everyone picks and chooses what they're affected by to some extent. It's probably only natural that the killings of white western people will draw a more emotive response from other white western people because it's much easier to picture yourself as a victim. Look at the war on drugs in the Philippines, it's easily one of the most outrageous things to happen this decade with about 1,000 people being almost indiscriminately killed every week and vigilante murder practically legalised. More people killed there in months than in years of western terrorism but it barely rates a mention on here let alone a multi-page thread. Why, because people on here can't relate to it. Very few will have been to the Philippines or know any filipino people so it's difficult to feel any genuine emotion about it.
  12. It's pretty ironic after events of the last week that the first terrorist attack on North American soil since Trump became president is a white North American murdering muslims. Wouldn't be surprised if some of the left wing media start saying Trump's ridiculous actions have helped to legitimise attacks on muslims, and there may well be something in that.
  13. I bet if the eu referendum was online only it would have been a clear remain vote. Banning technology is certainly one way to make sure old fashioned principles are kept alive.
  14. He promised to ban muslims. Detaining and attempting to deport people from specific countries who might not even be muslim isn't the same as banning muslims, is it? So he's not doing what he promised. If he wants to ban muslims like he promised to do then he can, but obviously he'll need to be a bit more realistic in terms of how its implemented. He won't though. This whole mess is Trump at his most genius. He has intentionally implemented the travel bans to achieve maximum chaos, which gets him maximum column inches and helps to inform and persuade his voters that he is doing something about 'the Muslim thing'. Anyone with half a brain knows he's doing nothing to help reduce domestic terrorism but that's beside the point. He's using what looks like incredible incompetence when it comes to basic practical considerations to maximise the populist impact of his order. He has done that knowing that democratic federal judges will work against him and at some point he'll come out all guns blazing against them, probably tweeting about a conspiracy again. So not only does he please his voters in regards to one bogeyman he also primes another bogeyman in the same stroke. It's brilliant, horrible, impressive and depressing politics.
  15. I did mean calpol, like this: On second look it does seem to be aimed at a younger audience