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  1. All well and good saying Pearson signed these players (it was Walsh of course) but he never got the best out of them. Albrighton didn't get a look in. Morgan was having his pants pulled down week in week out. Vardy got about two goals. Mahrez was in and out of the team and never really looked anything close to what he was capable of. Simpson was a plain donkey. Drinky was all huff and puff. They all looked like quite limited players, and in fact they are all quite limited players. Ranieri's genius last season was to take that group of limited players and build a team that was much, much greater than the sum of its parts. That, from Ranieri, was more important than the quality of the signings. Buying Danny Simpson wasn't an act of genius, but the way Ranieri got him playing last season was. Pearson would never have got anywhere near that level of performance consistently out of those players. Not many managers in the world could do what Ranieri did last season.
  2. Owner was filming training sessions with a drone so Pearson smacked him in the face (apparently). Think he was on the edge anyway though, he was in the process of getting a strong derby team relegated.
  3. Dinosaurs didn't have capitalism It's ridiculous to equate a species with a society as advanced as humans with any other known species.
  4. I don't think "letting nature take its course" is quite right. It's allowing human competitiveness and greed take its course - traits which have led to vast improvements in just about every aspect of life for most people on the planet. You certainly can't expect capitalism to have saved the dinosaurs, they didn't even have banks.
  5. Probably still carefully building up his fitness. Big difference between being able to come on for a quick cameo and being able to complete 90 minutes of full blooded football week in week out. Once he's ready I expect he'll go out on loan.
  6. Gerard Deulofeu made available by Everton. I've quite liked the look of him on the few occasions I've seen him play. Don't think he'd be a guaranteed starter here though so probably not the best move for him.
  7. Still quite a bit of it about but it generally comes from the old grandads or really nasty chavs, both I think more a manifestation of their own insecurity and desperation to feel as though they are better than someone else in a life short of any real sources of personal pride than genuine racism. In a way we should pity them because to be racist in 2017 you must have a really shit life.
  8. Many pound notes
  9. Your propensity towards division ("you" and "we" etc) just shows how good a job the politicians have done on you tbh. Good idea though. Once "we" have gone maybe you can rename England as Land Of Wonder - Inclusive, Quality, Love, Absolutely No Discrimination. Quite long though.
  10. So 1 in 4 brexiters are in no doubt that they want existing eu immigrants to not be given staying rights and almost every single brexiter demands full border control and yet we're supposed to carry on pretending that foreigners aren't the main issue. What planet is this? Seriously.
  11. The journalist has written probably. The man himself has said categorically jobs will be leaving. Which to believe? The guy who is actually responsible for making that decision or the journalist who is nothing to do with the company whatsoever. Not a difficult one is it? It's up to you whether or not you care about financial services leaving. I think the revenues they generate are vital to our economy and we'd struggle without them.
  12. This is ridiculous. The man himself is saying again and again that they "will" move 20% of their workforce out of the uk and you're repeatedly choosing to ignore it. They're moving, get over it. You wanted Britain out of the eu, don't expect the massive wealth generating industry of eu specific financial services to want to stay here. They're the first to officially state that many jobs will be leaving but they won't be the last. The only hope is that the government give them enough of our money to convince them to keep the rest of their operations here.
  13. It's not really up to me to disprove your theory that Reuters has taken his comments out of context for "maximum shock value". Nonetheless I did look on YouTube for the full interview but it doesn't seem to be up yet. You can use google to find other articles which quote various parts of the interview and if you put it all together it's clear that he meant what he said. Here's one for starters:
  14. I think it's pretty obvious when the man says "we will move when brexit becomes effective", he means they will move when brexit becomes effective. There's nothing ambiguous about it at all. You're blindly guessing that he might have been taken out of context and you're wrong. He meant exactly what he said.
  15. There is a direct quote from one of the big wigs saying they "will" be leaving. His statement is not ambiguous at all. Like I said they might be bluffing, but it looks to me like they're not, and that they are going to leave. Head office location means nothing. You could have a head office based on the uk with no staff at all.