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  1. Said it before and I'll say it again. He's done nothing since 'Ride of the Valkyries' in 1851
  2. Proved he's not a one or two season wonder. Remarkable how often Kane hits the side of the net (rather than the back) or the post when scoring. Sign of a very good striker.
  3. This is an important point. Don't let newshounds blinker you into this type of response as they'll gleefully use it against the club to extend the media storm against us and our owners in particular. The owners are our future, Claudio is the past now. There will be an opportunity to show CR gratitude. The next match is not that opportunity.
  4. Does any of his clothing line result in you losing two yards of pace and all your positional sense when you wear it?
  5. Totally agree. In these days of huge pay packets and spoiled bratlike behaviour throughout football, Marc Albrighton seems a genuine, honest and thoroughly likeable bloke. Well done to Mrs Albrighton.
  6. Son of an actress, Oxford educated posh boy who ghost wrote Neil Warnocks book. Far from the Oracle.
  7. I simply refuse to believe that Marc Albrighton had anything to do with any player revolt (if there was one).
  8. Good idea, it may also provide goal assists if positioned there from Huth and Morgans 'passes'.
  9. They are the owners. It's their decision (and, belatedly, the correct one in my opinion). We are up against it. Anyone who doesn't get behind the owners and team at this point really is a twat.
  10. Nip and tuck. I'd like to be a believer but we've shown very little all season. I sense heartbreak despite the change at the top.
  11. Last year we were 10 points clear. This season, if 2017 carried on the way it's started, we may end the season 10 points adrift. They had no choice.
  12. Burnley yesssssssssssssssssss