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  1. That's why I qualified my post by stating 'if we can find buyers'. With the possible exception of Fuchs (Chilwell should be playing more often next season or we'll lose him) and Shinji, how big a part do you see the others I listed playing next season? If they aren't going to play a part, what is the point keeping them if we can find a buyer? This is a speculative thread and I offered an opinion of who should go in an ideal World IF we received bids or doesn't my opinion count as much as yours?
  2. Corrected for you
  3. Out - Mendy, Slimani, Musa, Zieler, Huth, Ulloa, Shinji, Fuchs, Wasilewski and probably (not by choice) Mahrez. If we can find buyers that is. Our transfers have been appalling. In - right back, 2 centre halves, central midfielder and a back up for Vardy. Suggestions thin on the ground but time will tell. Ultimately, players who have played in the premier league will be important though we will likely have to pay a premium for that.
  4. Button it tubby.
  5. Is that a supermarket chain?
  6. Dele Alli still more than shades it for me. However, in the interests of unity, I will detest Barnes henceforth.
  7. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. You don't seem to be alone in detesting Barnes. Many seem too, have I missed something?
  9. Ray Charles, Roy Orbison and their assistant Jose Feliciano.
  10. Ozil better than Kante, rubbish. Kante has an impact in every game.
  11. A judge once told me I was capable but he pronounced it as if there was a U and an L in it.
  12. That's a capable reply too...........Well saved!
  13. I think your boss will accept your resignation. How long are your lunch hours?
  14. It's 78.6% of statistics that are made up.