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  1. Are you so sure that Mahrez will be leaving?
  2. This is great analysis, is there anywhere I can find more like this?
  3. This was particularly noticeable when Vardy closed down one of their fullbacks and made a block that sent the ball flying into the air, it then landed at the feet of the Sevilla player who panicked and passed it straight out of play for our throw-in. This set a tone for the rest of the team and combined with the atmosphere made it very difficult for Sevilla to play their game.
  4. Kasper makes 18 saves, '87 minute goal off Morgan's arse
  5. You're right, more like Arsenal level then
  6. I woud never put it past us to get a result, but the only thing that worries me is how much more effective Sevilla started looking after Nasri was sent off and they played more direct, which is a lot closer to Atletico's style of play.
  7. "Kasper Schmeichel, you saved 15 penalties tonight, you must be very proud of your performance." "Yeah, that's my job, the lads put in a good performance, we got the result and that's all that matters." "Thanks Kasper." "Cheers."
  8. Thought they were bang average to be honest, about West Brom level
  9. Should we be worried?
  10. I should have known! I am running on about three hours of sleep mind you.
  11. Not really, the top of his head is on the same level as N'didi's neck.
  12. I know that's not N'zonzi my friend, I was just pointing out that N'didi can jump.
  13. I predict, that manager confidence will drop to 94% for some reason.
  14. I mentioned it in the 'do they mean us?' thread but this is something mildly amusing I saw on a West Ham forum after we beat them. "They still haven't won away from home. They won at a neutral venue yesterday"
  15. I think it is worth mentioning that he's given a substitute appearance to Slimani, Musa, Gray, Chilwell and Amartey. Only Kingy, Leo and the cabbage family have missed out.