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  1. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/02/25/leicester-city-target-former-chelsea-interim-manager-guus-hiddink/ The article just talks about Hiddink and then it goes on to throw this Pereira into the mix. Never heard of him to be honest but a quick google search shows he's not done much apart from Porto and Olympiacos. Not too sure about him to be honest. Surely we could do better than him?
  2. The amount of times I've heard "What did Ranieri do to get sacked?" On numerous radio stations. Erm well we could be bottom by the end of the weekend.
  3. Agree with 100%.
  4. This sums up everything at the moment.
  5. I don't ever call for a manager for to be sacked, however I was thinking in my head, something has to change or we will be going down. I don't regret my thoughts, I must admit I did shed a tear or two but nobody is bigger than a football club no matter how much they've done.
  6. Has to be Sevilla the other night, never felt so much tension.
  7. Agree, sad but we have to put sentimental value aside.
  8. So far, he's looked good in small spells, such as Everton, Southampton at home and Spurs. He's also showed little glimpses of promise with the bit of pace he has but overall he's not much of an upgrade on Schlupp.
  9. Gut says Rowett, heart says Shakey, head says Hiddink.
  10. That's the media that's done that.
  11. Not now, at the end of the season.
  12. I'm just getting sick and tired of the media such as these pundits saying it's a disgraceful decision to get rid of Claudio, also the papers reporting that our players wanted Ranieri to be sacked and that they went to the owners several times to get him sacked, I doubt this happened very much. Yes the owners probably had a discussion with senior players regarding the current situation, which you have to admit isn't in good shape at the moment, and based on the current goings on in the club based on the players information the owners or whoever made the decision decided it was time for a change. The media is not only brainwashing outsiders to think the worst of our players, they're also brainwashing our own fans. Get behind the lads for Christ sake, when we stayed up two seasons ago the fans were a vital part of that and we need every single fan on the players side. Regardless if it was the right decision or not, unless you've been going to games like, Swansea away, Southampton away, Milwall away and so on nobody, whether you're a fan of the club or not, will fully understand how bad it's been. From my opinion Claudio has made my dream come true and I will always love him for that but at the end of the day there was only one place we were going under him and that was the championship as nothing was showing me that we were improving.
  13. Preki is 20/1 on sky bet😂😂😂😂
  14. Personally I'd love to see Gary Rowett come in. The type of manager that gets the players really working hard which hasn't been happening on a consistent basis whatsoever. I agree it could be a risk as he's never managed in the premier league however if it does go wrong he would be the right man to get us back up from the championship. He's also worked with Gray in the past, who I personally feel is our best player at the moment, so hopefully he would get the best out of him. Maybe the style of football wouldn't be the best under him however who cares if we're winning.
  15. Although I love Claudio to pieces and I infaft had a tear in my eye when I heard the news, I feel like this is the right decision. I can't remember were we've put in a half decent performance throughout the entire game, whenever we look good we just look good in small spells, which at the top level isn't good enough. Although I feel that certain players, who I don't need to mention, need to take the blame also, I think that some of the managerial decisions have been somewhat confusing, taking player Musa over Gray yesterday night. Yes, last night was an excellent result but for 70 odd minutes of that game we were absolutely useless and if it were not for Kasper and the woodwork we could have lost that tie by 4 or 5 goals. Like I said I absolutely adore Claudio and I will always remember last season but it's now time to move on as for whatever reason the players were just not up to standard anymore, whether that's Claudio's fault or not is yet to be known. Claudio, you are a Leicester City legend and you always will be.