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  1. Does anyone know when tickets for the home leg go on sale because last time I missed the deadline and had to sit in a different seat and nearly ended up not getting tickets at all.
  2. People are already writing us off on twitter, don't they understand, we've been doubted so many times over the past year and we've always proved the doubters wrong.
  3. I think this the best draw we could have got, a big team which isn't doing so well in the league, 5 points behind Sevilla.
  4. Kasper, Simmo, Wes, Huth, Fuchs Mahrez, Drinky, N'Didi, Albrighton, Vardy, Slimani. Harsh to drop Okazaki but I think we need something different due to us having more quality than Hull.
  5. Would love him at the KP. Think he's one of the most underrated managers in England as he consistently performs with bang average, if not poor teams. However I couldn't see it happening, hope I'm wrong.
  6. I don't think there's a need for a "Yes" on the poll.
  7. I knew Rudkin was clueless but surely he isn't this clueless!
  8. People are taking all of these Roy rumours from the betting odds clearly don't have a clue how betting markets work. As more money is placed on particular outcome the odds for that get shorter. So for example if Hodgson to be the next Leicester manager is 20/1 on SkyBet and someone places a ridiculous amount on that to happen the odds will just get shorter and shorter because people will see the odds going down on all the other betting companies also. Sometimes yes this ridiculous bet is based on factual information however sometimes someone with a lot of money will just take a gamble hence what happened last time around with Bob Bradley and Preki.
  9. I really can't can't see it happening to be quite honest after everything with his son but I have seen stranger things. Yes I think he would do a job for us but I seriously couldn't imagine Nigel Pearson as a Champions League manager.
  10. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/02/25/leicester-city-target-former-chelsea-interim-manager-guus-hiddink/ The article just talks about Hiddink and then it goes on to throw this Pereira into the mix. Never heard of him to be honest but a quick google search shows he's not done much apart from Porto and Olympiacos. Not too sure about him to be honest. Surely we could do better than him?
  11. The amount of times I've heard "What did Ranieri do to get sacked?" On numerous radio stations. Erm well we could be bottom by the end of the weekend.
  12. Agree with 100%.
  13. This sums up everything at the moment.
  14. I don't ever call for a manager for to be sacked, however I was thinking in my head, something has to change or we will be going down. I don't regret my thoughts, I must admit I did shed a tear or two but nobody is bigger than a football club no matter how much they've done.