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  1. Didn't even have any beer for the Sevilla game . In my concourse anyway
  2. I think it is only a matter of time. I guess the owners are just waiting to see us establish ourselves as a Prem team. Would be great to get to 40,000. Maybe in the next 2 years
  3. Probably makes him look "hard"
  4. And there's a well earned rest for Jamie Vardy
  5. Typical England I guess... Great strike though
  6. Agreed he's held himself back at times but for him to slate him oh "he'd be doing that for Leicester". Like you said, didn't pick up on the occassions he made the runs but the ball wasn't played.
  7. What a load of bollocks Ian Wright
  8. Such a selfish player! Had a few opportunities tonight to put him through
  9. "England's number 9. England England's number 9"
  10. Come on Podolski keep it short and sweet
  11. Vardy starting then. Lone striker
  12. The man just loves Leicester too much
  13. Can't see Vardy getting too much game time either for England, which could be a good thing. Likely to favour Defoe in all honesty